Sheratons in Europe to be De-Badged

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  • SimonRowberry


    Following on from BT’s article about Sheraton, does anyone know which are the European Sheratons that will be leaving the chain?



    Marriott launches new logo in ‘transformation’ journey of Sheraton

    Jenni Reid

    Hi Simon, I’ve asked Sheraton and will let you know when I get a response.

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    I have a suggestion for them …. The Sheraton Roma!
    Its an awful hotel. Stayed there just 2 months ago, and they profess to have a shuttle bus to/from FCO.
    Its NOT true, it is only available up to 12.15 midday!
    Marriot were compelled to award me a substantial amount of BONVOY pts for this anomoly, as its clear what they allege on their website.
    Apart from this, the hotel is tired, the rooms are looking a little dated, the restaurant is not good, and the hotel seems to survive on Chinese guests (both package tourists and Airline crews).
    It is also miles (or should I say Kms) from the city centre in the middle of nowhere. At FCO not even the Taxi drivers want to go there, which is a problem when the advertised shuttle bus doesn’t exist.
    This is my strong recommendation for Marriot Group (Sheraton) de-badging.


    Apart from this, the hotel is tired, the rooms are looking a little dated, the restaurant is not good, and the hotel seems to survive on Chinese guests (both package tourists and Airline crews).

    I stayed there in the early 1980s not long after it had opened. I would hope this property has since been renovated !


    @AMcWhirter _ I would like to venture that it has not been renovated since your stay in the 80’s, but that would be impossible.
    I am sure it has been done so on 2 or perhaps 3 occasions.
    However, outside it is looking a bit worn. The lobby and entrance walk-in corridor are I think probably new additions, but it is just not a ‘SHERATON’ if you follow my drift.
    The lobby always seems cluttered by Chinese tourists, as being Chinese, they cannot speak to anyone bar themselves, they cannot do anything ether for themselves, they need escorting and they were obviously on full board packages as they seemed to be always ‘packing out’ the restaurant which I have to say is more like a glorified coffee shop. (However there were none in the bar). The crews also are either coming in off a long inbound flight or preparing for a similar outbound, and they can be found also predominantly in the restaurant. I recognise HAINAN Airlines, I think they are wearing long silk outfits and the other crews were I think, if I’m not correct China Southern. However this is not a long complaint about Chinese people, but I have been to China very frequently and eating in China is very often done ‘en masse’ in a restaurant that resembles a noisy factory canteen. Its their way, its their preferable social habit, but it isn’t particularly very western and certainly NOT Italian.
    I suppose. and this is knowing Rome and its hotels, is that there are few Hotels with room for parking of coaches, and sufficient rooms for perhaps 100 guests every night and probably offering a very decent all-in rate.
    Anyway all of this underlines why, in my opinion, it should be de-badged, as its not in keeping with the SHERATON nor the MARRIOT Group image


    If I had to guess, I could imagine de-flagging Sheraton Essen, Sheraton Skyline at Heathrow, Shearton Heathrow, Sheraton Roma as already mentioned, possibly Sheraton Brussels Airport (only hotel walking distance to the terminal, but no money spent on the hotel in years so not up to standard), and finally Shearton Palace Moscow as never really a Sheraton standard as a conversion from Marco Polo.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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