Sexiest airline advert ever?

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    Just spotted this on the Seatplans video page, and thought I’d share. Apparently it’s generating controversy among airline cabin crew…

    I can’t decide whether this is shameless, or a superb piece of irony? Either way, I’m all for it! Well done Avianova.


    Shameless, sexist, totally non-PC.

    What was the airlines name and how do I book with them?

    I feel I ought to fly several flights with them in oder to educate them as to how we practice Political Correctness in Europe!

    PS. Do you think I could help them wash the plane in order to properly understand their viewpoint? I think it very important to understand other cultures!


    Disgusting and disgraceful.

    Seats can be booked on-line at

    If travelling in the US, an equivalent was(but no longer, alas):



    I never realised it was so hot in Russia! It may not be something a UK airline could get away with, but attitudes are different in Russia and this ad reflects them. It is not for us, but for the Russians, to determine what they like or find unacceptable – bookings on Avianova’s website will no doubt rise or fall accordingly. Meanwhile, I must check out those Black Sea resort holiday possibilities…


    Virgin for its 25th Anniversary
    Even though the air hostesses are actresses, their beauty is very similar to the Virgin woman staff


    Like LuganoPirate & SimonRowberry I am equally distressed by the advert.

    It’s the best incentive to become a frequent flyer I have ever seen!!


    Hi there.
    Utterly shameless, but I think it is great!! The music is fab as well. (Well, I am a woman, what do you expect?)
    Have to say, the Virgin 25th ad is my favourite. Those girls are gorgeous.


    Thank goodness we have moved on from this sort of sexist rubbish in the West,


    Sorry Kevin46, but I cannot agree with you. Even in the West sex still sells, everything from cars, aviation, travel, perfumes through to fashion and fashion accessories and more.

    Here in the West for reasons of Political Correctness we try and suppress men and women’s natural curiosity for each other. The fact is, with a few exceptions, most men and many women enjoy looking at women and vice versa.

    This is a primordial response engineered into our DNA and on which the survival of the human race depends (depended), and no amount of legislation or PC will ever correct this.

    The day the “1984” brigade suppress every human emotion will be a very sad day indeed!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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