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    Boarded the DLR for LCY, saw a drawstring bag under the seat. As this was the first stop on the line, it was obviously left from a previous journey.

    I reported it using the automatic link on the platform and it was painful, as the operator didn’t understand what I was trying to say – eventually “there is a suspicious package on the train next to from where I’m calling you” got their attention and they promised action.

    30 seconds later, the train pulled out of the station with the package still on it.

    it was most probably just a pair of sports shoes someone had forgotten…….

    But the response was not efficient.


    Oh dear not good at all.
    Not that it helps you now but I prefer to use the BTP text system by texting 61016 or calling 0800/405040


    you should have said you just witnessed a “hate crime”, they would have had half the armed response team from the Met down there in less than a minute, such is priorities

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    I once reported a clearly abandoned duffel bag airside at LHR. A few minutes later, two security chaps walked over to it, one poked it with his foot and then kicked it, picked it up and slung it over his shoulder and walked off with it.

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    Considering the randomness of recent attacks by these socially and intellectually repressed cowards I’m constantly amazed at the lax attitude most of us have when we come across seemingly abandoned rucksacks, sports bags and even shopping bags.

    At the festival this year, I came across an overnight bag in a packed pub off the Royal Mile , pointed it out to the bar staff and forgot about it. Having done my bit. 2 pints later it was still there as we left.

    The assumption I suppose, is that the owner had a few too many and would return to claim it when they realised they had forgotten something.

    And I suppose it’s no surprise when you consider FDOS’s and capetonianm’s tales of compliancy once a situation has been raised.

    I wonder if the authorities conduct dummy run exercises to track how well their See it, say it, sorted message is landing



    You mentioned if the authorities do dummy exercises in their post.

    BA Crew (and therefore I presume other UK Airlines) have to check for packages as part of our preflight check. CAA sometimes leave packages for us to find. They don’t do it often, but the thought that if a Crew might miss one and the consequences of that, make the preflight checks fairly thorough. They are marked on them that they are left by CAA, so if found , we know it is from there and to let them know we located it. At the end of flight the Cabin Crew, also have to go through the aircraft opening any drawers and check overhead lockers etc. for anything that is left behind.


    Might want to explain the checking lockers etc process to whoever was responsible for BA16 Syd-LHR last Saturday then. Was in 1a and the /suiter/locker/ had half a used amenity kit in it along with a few other personal items… Was removed before the start of the Sin-LHR leg …


    I once tried to report an abandoned bag I saw in the HKG baggage hall (it was a small bag and had no baggage tag so I am fairly confident it wasn’t baggage that had come off the carousel).

    I approached several airport staff and officials. Some didn’t speak English, the others were completely disinterested. I couldn’t see any signs about who to contact (although I seem to recall seeing one on a subsequent trip). So I left the airport and called 999.

    Asia’s Finest did, to give them credit, take it seriously and I even got a couple of follow up calls, but I was appalled at the couldn’t-care-less approach of the people I spoke to on the spot


    Had the same thing in LHR T3 earlier this year. Saw an abandoned case outside Smiths so asked lovely young girl who worked there to call security. They turned up, eventually, and proceeded to kick, prod and open (the bag, not me) and I’m still around so assume all was ok. What if it hadn’t been though – why should they have the right to endanger my life and the lives of others, unless of course kick, prod and open is standard procedure these days?


    Plane speaking,

    sorry i hit the wrong button, should have been quote not report!!

    Kicking and prodding is not new, when i was 14 i found a 200lb UXB out on our local salt marshes, I had to guide 2 members of Bomb disposal, the local bobby (remember them?) and the local part time coast guard. After a few moments of us all looking at it the RAF team just starting hitting it with a shovel, cue comedy one step back moment from the rest of us. Turns out it was a practice bomb, but went with a hell of a bang when they blew it up.


    @stevescoots, that made me chuckle, thank you.

    And talking of comedy moments and your pressing the naughty button in error, infamy, infamy, they’ve all got it infamy! (Hopefully, a mod will cancel my apparent naughtiness!).


    I think you and Ian are raising a valid point … don’t bother with the “locals”, but call law enforcement.

    It’s hard to expect much from minimum-wage employees, and your examples clearly underline my point.

    As per usual, nothing will improve until one of those packages explodes and causes great mayhem.

    If we “help” here, at least the professionals will turn up … I’m sure they are not kicking packages around and walking off with them over their shoulders.


    I still have a piece of concrete with the toilet tile attached which came through my window when The Post Office Tower was bombed, so am perhaps more aware than people nowadays when it comes to any potential threats. I am always amazed how blase people are. for example, the man who asked me to watch his bags while he went to the loo and was outraged when I refused and asked him what rock he had been under since 2001? Airport employees often are some of the most lax, especially in the US with all its TSA/Homeland Security and the rest. To this day I still report anything unusual to someone in authority and, whenever possible, stick around to make sure some action it taken.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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