Security Problems at MUC

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  • Maaki

    Alhtough being one of the best airports in Europe (Destination, lounges, sercives etc.), the Security at Munich airport is a desaster!

    Last Sunday they “lost” (again) a person and the related baggage.

    The main problem in MUC are the majority of the staff and the head(s) of the “SGM Sicherheitsgesellschaft am Flughafen München”:

    The staff is uneducated and if you ask any questions, you get rude and/or wrong answers.
    E.g. the huge nonsense to take off any (!) belt (even the special ones for airports made of leather and plastic latch) at the security control. If you ask “why”, you´ll get one of the following answers: “Because we want you to do so” (no joke!), “so many things can be hidden under a belt” (Bazooka?) and similar qualified nonsense. This (removing the belt) is not used in many European airports any more and these are not only the minor ones (ZRH, VIE, etc.).

    One also has to get out every Laptop from any protective cover, clever again. I just wait for the next “intelligent” person in MUC, who will ask me to take out the main memory to check it…

    Another problem is the management of the company mentioned above; they force their employees to carry out the most stupid procedures, simply because they either don´t have a clue, what they talking about or the just feel “so important”, that they can create anything they want. If you ask any of these people (who got in the respective position with the right membership book…), you don´t get any answer at all.

    When you ask a person like a shift supervisor, e.g. why the security in Cologne is using another, totally customer-friendly procedure (no removal of anything from the hand baggage, no “belt off!” calls etc.), the answer is sheer mockery: “That is not true, there are the same procedures all over Germany and we in MUC know how to do it”.

    I sincererly hope, that the SGM will get rid of their un-qualified management and that the workers will get a real training about real safety (and some of them about good behaviour as well). The current situation is totally embarrasing for an airport like MUC.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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