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    The one sure thing about BAA introducing scanners at LHR will be that it will be absolute chaos and the chaos will be worse than you can possibly imagine. No matter how many they install, at least 70% will be out of use at any given time and anyone who gets cross with the incompetance will be arrested as a potential terrorist.




    No passport check at LHR T3 post-security on Tuesday 29 December at 14.00, which was when I was last there. The passports posts were unmanned. Obvious inconsistencies on behalf of the Border Agency.




    I totally agree with you that the introduction of body scanners at Heathrow terminals will certain create more delays, frustrations and missed flights when the present routine security inspection system is already over-strained at peak hours. There is a very unpleasant feel to it and certainly NOT a nice travel experience!

    I often get a distinct impression that the staffing ratio level does not correspond to the number of passengers served, unlike Hong Kong or Singapore or other Asian airports where security inspection is not a source of stress.

    I have had the use of the “experimental” body scanners several times last year in San Francisco airport and the process took well over 5 minutes. each time. I volunteered for the “trial” simply for the amusement value and to get a first-hand knowledge since I had ample departure time. I found the whole operation such a farce!

    Just imigine what effect it will have on the passengers with on tight schedule!

    The advanced shoe scanning technique should be introduced to London airports so as to eliminate the removal of shoes and it will certainly speed up the inspection process. Any extra help we get is good.

    All we are seeking here as frequent travellers is an effective anti-terrorist detection system at airports with the minimal hassles to the public.



    What is this? Since when did I become a target? 40 year old white european with no religious background. They shall be looking for persons not items. Plus, and this is the best of it all. The naketscanners do not even detect the stuff the dude had on him.
    Please give me feedback that I am not the only sane guy out there.
    BA Gold Member for years – 500.000 miles anually



    Mice are being trained to detect would-be bombers and drug couriers at airports.

    A bit early for April fools?



    Mice are being trained to detect would-be bombers and drug couriers at airports.

    A bit early for April fools?



    Yet more “look at us we have security” rubbish. Sorry but having seen all too often the simple incompetence of those carrying out checks (I have a military background) I concluded some time ago this is about protection from the media, legal claims, and threats of prosecution in the event of a terrorist attack rather than protection of customers.

    This is just the same as the laughable security at the Channel Tunnel where I once had to get out of my car and explain to the ‘security officer’ how to swab a car for explosives. He explained it was his first week, he had not yet been “on like the training course, you know”.

    Too many organisations are focused on the protection from the consequences of a terrorist attack rather than preventing the attack itself. If we are going to do security, do it properly like El Al does but please don’t play at it.



    I was shocked to see the total lack of security this morning in Hanoi.

    Computers were not out of bags

    Passengers pushing through the metal detector and generally rushing as if the bus was about to go.

    Bags not being inspected when opened

    Security operatives either more interested in talking to each other or on their mobiles

    A door to airside being left unlocked and open

    Spot on CharlesP.



    Prague is always a problem because security delays mean that the line of waiting people builds up until it’s too long this results in a quick call to security from the airport people. Security then ‘open the floodgates’ frequently letting people through with the metal detector bleeping away and bags missing out the x-ray check. Osama Bin Living need only ensure he is at the back of the line to be first in line for his 76 virgins.



    One final rant from me 🙂

    I am sick and tired of seeing people who complain about being treated badly by security classified as ‘trouble makers’ or ‘a threat’ by staff. I saw this at LHR recently where a man objected to the level of delay (in a polite manner) to be told that staff do not tolerate “abuse” (he was in no way abusive) and that further “abuse of the staff” would result in the police being called. When his wife objected to him being talked to in that way the reaction was immediate, the couple were pulled out of the line, the police were called and they were detained.
    I along with others quickly objected to this treatment and we too were ‘warned off’ only when the police arrived and began to hear the facts as stated by a number of us did the ‘rent a security’ back down. No apologies, no statements of regret or even a hint of politeness.

    My father always said there was nothing more difficult to deal with than a person given just a small amount of authority.



    talking of T4, i just moved there with Qatar from T3 (I miss the virgin wing we used to use) anyway have the iris channels ever worked? 3 times coming back I have waited in the priority channel over 20 mins for immigration…next to the shiney new..non finctioning iris’s! also half the time the stansted ones are out as well..

    takes me 2 minutes to get thru HKG using the fingerprints scanners, why couldnt we have that system?……




    Does this mean that we will have even more time to spend watching our “security” people chew gum, and listening to them telling their fellow professionals what they did/ate/watched on telly the previous night, or what they will do/eat/watch on telly later?



    match face biometrics to palmprint to DNA encode in passport
    must use palmprint scanner at boarding entrance
    same for the crew
    meanwhile worry about the airside workers and what they put on board hence apply the same procedure
    have a Koran at the boarding gate with a message that allah will punish murderers



    @stevescoots – I can reassure you that on my last 5 arrivals at LHR, I’ve only used Iris entry and it has worked without fail each time, be it T5, T3 or T4. In some occasions, I’ve been through in under 15 seconds. Suitably impressed.

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