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    Quite an exceptional if you do not mind the hope over to CDG.
    Buy a modest Business class fare to some destinations and fly 1st!

    Returns to KUL, BKK, many business, and also leisure destinations…

    More to the point, some fantastic sales in Biz worldwide saving Huge amounts compared to LHR fares. Many with a £500 + saving ex CDG compared to UK.
    A346 services, 11am and 22hrs daily to start, connect in AUH.
    Chauffeur cars to and from you hotel if you want them in CDG, and also wherever you fly. Superb offers, some of the best i have seen with Etihad, a big push obviously for CDG flights.

    I bought a return flight CDG-AUH-SYD return in BiZ class with chauffeurs, and 2 night free stopovers in AUH included at 5 star hotels i choose each way in Oct/ Nov, for £1,600.
    A Gem, half price compared to Ex LHR, with one of the worlds best Airlines, and the best for Ground service.


    thanks marcus for this info
    i tried to to find this deal but could not find where they offer the free stopovers.any insight on this would be appreciated


    Great offer….but very route selective. Tried JNB/CPT in Nov…horrendous fares! And the website is soooooop slow!


    LHR-SYD for 1,600 in C is spectacular indeed. Unfortunately, I cannot find this fare anywhere, be it in the link you provided or on the ITA matrix. I checked dates from September to December.


    The biz class discount is only available for flights until Aug 31st. However if you buy a full fare biz class, you get a free upgrade to First for flights booked until Dec 31st.


    That fare was from CDG not LHR. That’ll prob be why you can’t find it.


    The website has, if you go to France version in english, put in any fares and their two a day A346’s will whisk you off. the ex CDG fares appear half of LHR in Business to many destinations at the moment.
    Payable in Euros, also a good exchange advantage at the moment.

    The fares are vastly different from LHR, but now they have their own lounge in CDG, and are doing well with the A346 11am, and 22hrs flights a day. Prices can be seen weekly on their fare table and each day will vary, but look for the odd day where Biz flights maybe less than Euros 900 each way

    For travel, Premier passengers (Biz First cabins), get 2 free night stopovers, in Each direction. You have chauffeur cars each way also, and to from LHR and to your final destination. They also have a stopover page, first night free, each one after discounted for all Guests.

    For the premier stovers, you can choose Dubai or AUH and top i would say 6/7 *s. Stayed at Yas Viceroy in the middle of the F1 circuit, and Ethad Towers on way back from Oz, they were simply impeccable. two complimentary nights for Business or 3 for First travellers.

    They would be worth around £3-400 each way for 2 nights.

    I justed another flight Ex CDG to KUL in a months time, price…
    Euros 1,534!!!

    I am stopping over as before in AUH each way for the free nights, once Dubai, once AUH. The service on boars leaves the rest of thr=e world standing.

    See Etihad experience for this on the site, and you can book your chauffeur cars and hotels via their centre in Abu Dhabi.

    I also just got their Amex, 12,000 miles for spending £1,000 in the first 3 months, and double miles for flights in the first 3 months also.
    Only appears to be from CDG though but very convenient flight times.

    On all their different country websites, at the top of the page they have “Deals”, This will tell you what is being sold locally, so for cdg you need the French version, NL Netherlands, and UK one.

    Fantastic fares but to Oz with an opportunity with miles or to big for an upgrade to First, outstanding.

    Interesting my flight will be on one sector AUH-KUL “Jet Airways configured A332, staffed by Etihad crew.
    Etihad own a fair part of Jet Airways.


    Oh, and my fares to Sydney leave end |Oct back late November so they are not just to August.

    But you have to be patient and look at the varying dates, week by week. The odd day had around Euros 950 each way, and you can also split it up to make stopovers in AUH, which also breaks up the fares to lower fees and gives more choice for your travels.


    hi marcus
    thanks for the insight
    i am taking up the biz class offer from cdg to cmb in august
    am i right in thinking that the 2 free nights fro j class paxs are in each direction or just on one occasion.also how friendly was the booking procedure when choosing you preferred hotel in auh?


    Pleased you also gained the benefit.

    For both my CDG-KUL and SYD trips via AUH,, you can stay 2 nights each way. You do this via the booking form, that goes to a Co of Etihad and allocates your choice of hotel. It comes under the Premium stay. You get a response and a voucher back within 48 hrs, and can choose a few in AUH 9Highly recommend Etihad Towers), or Dubai.

    More choices are in the stopover program, 1st night free, reduced 2nd night.

    Within your booking on their site, you then book all your chauffeur transfers, which includes your stopovers.
    Enjoy, a superb deal, and excellent on ground services, and allow plenty of time to enjoy the lounges in AUH in the Premier terminal.


    thanks marcus

    hope you enjoy your trip down under and to kul.
    i will def go with your recommendation and ask for etihad towers.
    have your tried the A346 from cdg before and if you have is it any better or different to the a330 from man?


    I have not used the 332. 777 and 346 from LHR -AUH and more so, down to Oz on both.
    The 777 offered more cabins, quiet and space than the A346.

    I think Etihad are superb.
    The fares vary, but you can certainly find the odd fee specials from CDG AMS and LHR.
    The value of the chauffeur cars each end return, and for stopovers, and at least £300 for each 2 night stay, we figure adds £1,000 of saved expenses to the trip.

    I did make several reviews if you like to check them, and be interesting to see yours also.. You can also take a trip to CDG and stay the eve before and after you travel back to London, but then have advantage of the car transfer.


    just to let you the premium stopover service is only valid on one occasion
    so you can either take it on the way out or on your return
    have you managed to book it both ways by any chance?


    I did find that out, but the “Stopover brochure” allows you one free night and the other at a better than anywhere else rate, so one is complimentary, so doing this on the way back. This is Always a general offer year round with Etihad. So for Oz, i tend to stay 2 nights each way in DXB, or AIUH. It also gives around 25 hotels of all classes, and in DXB or AUH, so broader range.

    Etihad Towers is simply superb.

    Looking forwards to the A380 Business Studios, and First Apartments, though i dont think the residence is quiet what i need.
    Certainly will appear to be one of the most luxurious layouts for an A380 yet!

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