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    Ryanair have introduced allocated seating This is just another reason why they are a dreadful way to fly ..




    The body language of the passengers is interesting. It was as if they had expected the kind of service they received. Only one or two people speaking up.

    I imagine had this been on any other airline, the passengers would not have been as restrained after only half the time.

    This is the kind of publicity that MOL thrives on…

    Thank goodness we all have a choice (still) 🙂



    I’m not so sure MOL thrives on this publicity.

    In years gone by, he was happy with any mention in the media.

    After a couple of profit warnings, and huge growth by Easyjet, Ryanair have introduced a number of passenger focused improvements. Passengers will not be treated liked cattle, nor do they like being treated as stupid.



    Out of curiosity, how come an airport can close and lock its doors, with an aircraft full of passengers sat on the runway without its engines on. Surely this is a serious safety risk.

    The Daily Mail reported the cabin crew refusing to turn the aircon on. I presume they mean the pilots refused….. but there is no mention about where the pilots were. Surely they didn’t remain silent sat on the flight deck for 3 hours.

    Would be interested in the “whole” story on this one, especially about the airport closing. To see police having to smash open a door, is worrying…



    I would rather stay at home.



    Not surprised all all, I have no sympathy at all for the passengers at all, if you decide to fly on such a dreadful airline you deserve what you get with Ryanair.



    …but how does an airport close and lock its doors, with a full load of passengers in an aircraft and not moving.

    If the aircraft had caught fire (highly unlikely – but so was the BA38 accident) how would the airport cope, with no staff and locked doors.

    Ryan Air is Ryan Air, but what about the airport, were pax really left on an airplane with a locked airport….. cant be that cut and dried!!




    It does seem odd that ‘health & safety’ or (h&’f’s) would allow an airport to close whilst passengers were ‘stuck’ on an aircraft.



    Don’t know the details but if the plane is on the ground without the engines on could not someone open an emergency door?



    Which airline this is really shouldn’t come into play in this scenario. It shouldn’t matter where it is Ryanair or a scheduled flag carrier of the highest quality.

    There is such a thing as common sense and decency on the part of the crew who are ultimately refusing fellow human beings the basic necessities which are required in life (i.e. subsistence of the body).

    Surely there was at least one passenger with a known medical condition that was put under pressure due to these circumstances. I don’t think we’ve heard the last of this one…



    Agree with conshaldow on this.

    Didn’t expect an international airport the size of Stansted not to be a 24/7 operation.
    However do Swissport and their contract with FRightenscare also come into question?

    And I love Martyn’s “lambs to the slaughter observation “ about the look of resignation about their plight !



    Interesting article (by Sharkey) in New York Times re delays sitting on the ground: pressure from passenger’s rights group means that now there are federal law provisions in the US that mean airlines can be fined $ 27,000 per passenger if stuck over 3 hours on planes that leave the gate but remain on the tarmac. Result in 2007/8 there were some 1500 incidents of such 3-hour plus delays in US domestic flights – last year post legislation around 80.



    or not as the case maybe when Ryanair pilots clipped one another near stands in Stanstead

    Clearly forgot … mirror.. signal… manoeuvre.



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