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    Today 21.09 SAS communication Executive Mr Sonberg flew with Ryanair to test what Ryanair call the cheapest way to airtravel. First of all Ryanair invite all the Executive in SAS a free ticket, but when Mr Sonberg call Ryanair they denied him ticket, and claim that he isnt on the highest border members line, that is a false Mr Sonberg is among the highest. So he had to buy the ticket himself. The result of the test with Mr Sonberg will be announce later when he return from London 22.09. But what funny about the story is that Ryanair make a news on their website and make a booking with SAS to compare the fare with Ryanair and of course state that you have to pay with Visa Electron or Maestro card, no luggage check in, SMS notify, first boarding etc, – of course the fare will be cheaper if u leave all this extra, and in Scandinavia WE Dont Use or have the choice to use Visa Electron or Maestro card!!!



    Here is an offical press release from SK yesterday:

    SAS surprised yet again of Ryanair’s behaviour

    Although Ryanair a few weeks ago refused its original offer of free flights to SAS’ board members to experience the low-service airline, SAS Group’s Director of Communication and Executive Vice President, Claus Sonberg, today made his first flight with Ryanair, which could be followed via both Facebook (www.facebook.com/flysas) and Twitter (www.twitter.com/sasgroup). Once Claus Sonberg had landed at London Stansted though, Ryanair – in its continuous dirty-trick style – sent out a press release with inaccurate information. This is Ryanair’s third misleading press release regarding SAS in the past three months. On SAS’ Facebook account, a Fletcher Reede kept updating with Ryanair messages. Ironically, Fletcher Reede is Jim Carrey’s character who cannot stop lying in the 1996 movie Liar, Liar. In its release, Ryanair falsely claims Claus saved 1,400NOK by travelling Ryanair instead of SAS. Ryanair also quoted a misleading and inaccurate SAS fare of 3,344NOK compared to Ryanair’s 970NOK, as the airline deleted a number of services that it charges for. Ryanair also failed to acknowledge that its starting price for the fare was a low 299NOK, far from the final purchase price. As always, SAS’ fares are open and include no hidden charges. “When I booked my first Ryanair flight last Monday, it came to 1564NOK, including checked in luggage, priority boarding and SMS confirmation, which are only some of the services Ryanair recommends, but charges you extra for. When checking SAS flights on the exact same dates and similar times, the price came to 1918NOK. A saving of 354NOK does not equate well to all the extra hours of travelling when flying with Ryanair. I had to get up before 6am Oslo time to be in London for a meeting at 1pm, local time,” says Claus Sonberg, Executive Vice President, Group Communications, SAS Group. Claus Sonberg will return to Scandinavia tomorrow with Ryanair.

    To follow Claus’ journey live, please go to http://www.facebook.com/flysas or sign up for SAS’ Twitter at: http://www.twitter.com/sasgroup. For more information: Claus Sonberg, Executive Vice President, Group Communication, SAS Group, +46 709 – 97 16 60



    Typical Ryanair. Their corporate strapline should be ‘No publicity is Bad Publicity.’

    Perhaps they should form a new strategic alliance with Turkish Airlines (posts ibid), amongst others? Perhaps it could be called ‘SpivTeam’ (a ‘spiv’ was a black market dealer during World War 2, for our non-British readers) or Con Alliance. Or even OneTurd?



    The sad part is many people swallow Ryanair information right in their mind without check-it out first. I think thats why SAS is starting to hit back Ryanair PR stunts. Is cheap to fly Ryanair if u get the ticket for nothing and U dont need the extra and live near their airport. But for others is a waste of money and time. I dont think people realize when a problem accure with Ryanair, they will brush of their hands or just ignore it. So when I read news about people that having difficulty with Ryanair I dont fell with them at all. No Game No Pain !



    Hi everyone!!

    I agreet to Simon’s comment. It is really sad that such airlines exist in the industry and mislead their pax in a very pathetic way. Yes, everyone is responsible for his management, by why bother book such airlines who really actually do not care for pax but only looking for their own advantage. Why bother taking them seriously and listening to their mischievious advertisments or PR stunts at all? People wake up!!! As a sensible pax–everyone should inform himself in which airline is he/she getting involve with inorder to avoid bad awakening!! And who doesn’t bother at all and still do it—well it is your own fault and don’t forget that you have been warned!!



    Now, I don’t fly Ryanair, I also have no intent to.

    However, I think we who can afford / have companies that can afford, should be happy Ryanair and its like came around back when they did.

    Because, without them, prices would have been at a totally different layer than it is today.

    Obviously, there would perhaps also have been a competition between the classic flag carriers, but I trust it would have been nothing compared to what Ryanair and its like has been.

    Just think about it, where I had to pay more than £600 for a domestic leg with SAS 10 years ago, I can today fly with Norwegian (Ryanair alike, may be not as bad) (and SAS…) for as little as £50.

    So, we may like them or not, but as I see it, they have been a welcome corrective to a business that was growing greedy and abusing monopoly wherever they had the opportunity.



    That’s a very good point RoadKing.

    Ryanair is scraping the bottom of the barrel in LCC world. But Easyjet and the higher end former legacy carriers re-invented as LCCs like Aer Lingus and bmi have done a great deal to keep prices low in the more comfortable markets.

    All this in the face of swinging government tax hikes and astronomical rises in fuel costs.

    A £160 midweek return to Amsterdam in Club Europe would have been unheard of fifteen years ago.

    Sure, on board premium services have diminished modestly, but not significantly, and value is still there for the traveller who demands a more exclusive experience.

    The BA value calculator sets out the ways in which an allegedly “LCC” can nickel and dime you for charges:


    I still think Easyjet etc (NOT EVER Ryanair) are actually quite pleasant to fly on if you have modest hand luggage and the flight is not too lengthy.

    Will be interesting as their routes grow more mid/longhaul to see what changes this brings.



    Here’s hoping Ryanair’s latest escapade puts one more nail in its coffin. It is truely an abomination of an airline and in no way compares with the other no-frills carriers.
    I am continually surprised by peoples’ insistence on using it, despite its lousy service. It reminds of the 80s, growing up in Nigeria, when one could expect similar standards from Nigeria Airways!



    I really cannot understand this bizarre obsession with needing to see airlines fail.

    Most odd.



    I agree with RoadKing and VK. However, surely the point of the original posts was integrity and honesty. Whereas Stelios was always viewed as a ‘good guy,’ O’Leary is widely regarded as the opposite. I agree with VK about EasyJet being reasonably ok, but I too would never fly Ryanair, simply because of their attitude, as embodied by O’Leary. It’s a question of trust and respect, in my view.



    It’s called Darwinism, VK. Survivial of the fittest. Maybe you’re a Creationist?
    In this context – airlines – theoretically, only those airlines that provide for customers’ needs ought to survive. Added to which we have the external stimuli of increasing hydrocarbon prices and a public reluctant to spend. So,really, all things taken into consideration, extinction is only a matter of time…just ask the erstwhile staff of EOS and Silverjet.



    Agreed, Airpocket. However, Ryanair’s competitive advantage is grounded solely in price and nothing else; however, in a recession, that’s a pretty good CA to have (alas!).



    Airpocket writes: “I am continually surprised by peoples’ insistence on using it [FR] …”

    As has been mentioned in the Forum before, people use FR because in the vast majority of cases this carrier serves routes and destinations which are not covered by other airlines.

    Also remember that the UK market provides only a part of FR’s business. Take a look at FR’s route map and see how far this airline has expanded outside the UK.



    Im not against LCC, Im pretty regular to at Norwegian, Easyjet, AirAsia, Tiger Airways, Wizzair. The issue here is not NON of the above airline here use so dirty tricks and what Im will call CON-methods to make people think that Ryanair is the lowest and best. O Leary said that they take peoples Claims and Remarks serious, but why do they charge so much to call to the phoneline and why they use long time to answer back or not at all. My opinion is that the market is free people can choose what ever airline they want to fly, and every airline can choose their business model, but when they give false and hidden information – THEY SHOULD BE KICK OUT OF THE GAME !!!

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