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    They are a very smart company, IMHO and will change.

    Whether their model is still the right one for the coming times, we’ll just have to wait and see.


    Mea culpa, Graham, I didn’t see the BT story. I have deleted my initial post.


    That’s a shame Pat, the video clip of MOL was very funny and the BT link doesn’t have it.

    Here it is, for anyone who missed it



    I deleted it because I thought it duplicated BT’s story.

    Thanks for reposting FDOS!

    Bravo MOL

    You are a true voice for normal peeps.

    And 81 million passengers in 2013 says it all. I, for one, will continue to fly FR in 2014.


    For the first time they have appointed a chief marketing officer, Kenny Jacobs. Does that signify a move away from the usual type of customer we expect to fly with them?

    And in your experience, who is the ‘usual type of customer’? Please share 😉


    Cheers for posting the link FDoS, indeed very funny and I really couldn’t imagine Frightmare without MOL in charge.

    The security code did p**s me off, less so now that I understand why.
    Like everything in life that irritates us, if a reasonable reason is given for nonsense I’m more likely to accept it with a smile.

    I’m with alexpo here….”usual customer” ????

    “Oh my God! I sooo can’t believe you just said that!”

    The weekend past had me waking up on Saturday morningnoon in a cold sweat, not due to the bottle of Buckie I had consumed with my Burberry cap wearing scally pals outside ma local chippie the night before. Not because I hadn’t taken the pre-caution to plan ahead and get my baccy rolled up intae roll ups the night before. Not because I had forgotten to polish my bling, nor oil ma skateboard. Nor was it because ma shell suit needed updating, Lacoste is so last year,, and ah had nae cash tae spend at Sports Direct ! And I couldnae make ma mind up what Sweatpants to wear to show off my bum cheeks tae ma skank.Na I woke up on Saturday morningnoon tae find ma recorded episode of Jeremy Kyle had been deleted and all ma schemie’s were comin roond tae see me on the telly !

    “No, but, but, not, yeah, but, no, yeah, no, but thegood news is ma flight tae Ibitha is easier tae book, thanks St. Mick of Westmeath

    No offence intended to any Chav’s reading this post : )


    Real enhancements!

    Not being a regular FR passenger,usually 3rd (or more) option I had a pleasant surprise when I booked a flight with them for next month

    Access to flight information is now so much easier on their website, seat selection (Ok at a cost, but not that expensive).

    Biggest enhancement was the credit card fees. Amex (BA) card accepted, and at only a 2% surcharge!

    Hand baggage allowance is also improved, one bag at 55x40x20, plus a second at 35x20x20, will they now have two bag gauges at the gate?

    Trust that the flight will be as entertaining as previous FR flights!


    This story was in an Irish national newspaper:


    It shows Ryanair in a completely new light, and they are to be commended for helping the family in this tragic instance.


    Hopefully after being fined £750,000 Ryanair will make their optional flight cancellation insurance more transparent.



    Could this be the future Ryanair……..


    If they can implement this level of corporate change, Ryanair will deserve every success.


    Don’t Ryanair roll out the “We are soon to be transatlantic” story every couple of years ? Excuse the cynical response but this looks like another publicity press release dressed up as an interview.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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