Ryanair installing Wi-Fi onboard?

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  • Viicc

    Hello everyone,

    My name is Victor and I am currently finishing a master in Air Transport Management at Cranfield University (UK). For my master thesis, I am trying to assess whether it is profitable or not for Ryanair to install in-flight connectivity services (either Wi-Fi or GSM) on all its fleet. I would like to know your opinion about this topic. Some of the questions I would like to discuss are related to the costs of implementing this technology.
    In addition, I am running a survey to know passengers preferences regarding this topic. I will leave it here in case you are interested answering it.



    I am not really a techie but how do you get GSM roaming inflight. I thought mobiles cant get a signal in the sky?


    I’ve answered your very good survey as best I can, since it’s something of which I have little knowledge and not much interest. I welcome the opportunity of a flight to catch up on other things such as reading, newspapers, relaxing, or just looking out of the window specially if it’s a day flight.

    I can however concede that for longer flights (>5 hours) internet access might be useful, and I have answered accordingly.

    I am also a little mystified over the GSM aspect, although the Iberia video implies that it’s a third party roaming service such has provided on ships at sea, perhaps you could clarify that. I do know that cellphones left switched on during a flight will often pick up ‘welcome to ….’ texts from overflown countries, but I didn’t think that there was sufficient signal strength and stability for conversation, and I’m quite pleased about that. I can think of nothing worse than sitting next to some idiot bellowing into his phone for hours on end :

    “Hello, it’s me ……. yes, it’s Jim, hello, can you hear me …….. hello, can you hear me. The signal’s breaking up. Hello …… yes I’m still here ……… well actually I’m on a flight to Dubai …….. can you hear me … no, Dubai, not Mumbai. Look, basically at the end of the day I wanted to review that document about our strategic position, you know ……. can you hear me ……. oh crap I’m losing you …….” etc.

    NO THANKS! (But good luck with your project.)


    Survey completed.
    It’s an interesting concept, paying for on board wifi.
    I’m against additional money making schemes, so I’m quite happy to use the IFE on long haul and my own tablet with downloaded content on intra Europe flights.

    I’m sure Ryanair will be looking at this closely though. Consider the general demographic of FR’s passengers and consider the addiction they have for their phones and I’m sure FR would be onto a winner.


    You can make mobile calls on EK flights at roaming charges, I assume it uses the same satalite service as the wifi


    For forum members who aren’t already aware of it, Norwegian already provides FREE WiFi on most of its flights.

    However, like @capetonianm,

    I welcome the opportunity of a flight to catch up on other things such as reading, newspapers, relaxing, or just looking out of the window


    Me too, capetonianm. Just as soon as I know an airline is allowing mobile calls in flight, I will NEVER, ever, ever fly on that airline again. I don’t care what airline it is. I’m dreading the day I have to do an 11- or 12-hour flight with people endlessly shouting into their phones all around me. (It’s bad enough on a train in the UK – but that’s for a much shorter time, and it’s much easier to escape than on a plane e.g. to a different seat or the restaurant car). It’s not going to happen to me – I’ll vote with my feet.


    I like the option if wifi on flights, especially longhaul. I am certainly not a DYKWIA kind of guy, but the chance to keep up with news, emails, social media for part of the journey, keeps me amused. The best way to send me off to sleep, apart from a meal and wine, is completing a report or letter, closing the lap top lid and feeling relieved its gone.

    I have in the past made phone calls from 37,000′ for the novelty factor, but have now ceased completely. The main reason being that generally people knew I was travelling and most calls had the same format…

    (client) “I thought you were flying”
    (me) – “yes I am”
    (client) – “oh.. where are you now”
    (me) – “about an hour out of x or y”

    so on and son on…..

    I do think passengers ought to have the choice about using a mobile phone, but I also think passengers should have the choice of not having to be disturbed by people using them…

    I can see similar discussion to window blinds up or down ?? 🙂


    Like others here I regard the time on an aircraft as “offline” time. A chance to relax, watch a film, think or simply stare out of the window and let the mind drift away. When I was in full time business I relished the time it gave me away from email, calls and the rest.
    In addition and based on my experience of Ryanair yesterday (see other thread) I doubt that bunch of dimwits would ever get it working properly.


    I have made calls on the EK flight but always moved to the bar/lounge area to do it. to be fair i have never overheard anyone talking on their phones. I use the wifi most flights as it saves a lot of time catching up either in the lounge at DXB or when i arrive back in UK. on the DXB to HKG route its pointless as it is not allowed to be used over Indian or Chinese airspace, which is about 70% of the route


    This reply has been reported for inappropriate content.

    In addition and based on my experience of Ryanair yesterday (see other thread) I doubt that bunch of dimwits would ever get it working properly.

    Relating one bad flight experience to corporate competency is creating a logical fallacy that is so ridiculous that it needs no further comment.

    Especially when the airline in question has provided sustained growth over 25 years and also constant profitability in a sector noted for volatility.

    More fourth form behaviour, to complement your schoolboy antics recently.


    @martynsinclair – I can see similar discussion to window blinds up or down ?? ?

    Yes fully agree. Especially with airlines like Ryanair that do tend to attract a certain type of customer who seems to be very confrontational. Just what a boozed up hen party to Magaluf needs is them all on their phones as well !


    Might be better if Fly&Scare put in better seats instead….that would give them a real edge of the IT specialists in BA?

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