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    Channel 4, 8pm “Dispatches”

    I think this may have been aired on Dutch TV about 6 months ago, as i recognise the clips on the previews.
    Shocking if in fact, the accounts are true.

    Any views on the program and connected to the discussions here on BT?



    It was mentioned before in another Ryanair topic. Link below to Dispatches website: –


    Ryanair is trying to silence the Ryanair Pilot Group by getting their social networking accounts shut down: –




    Yes, this was all part of a series of newscasts about the Ryanair practices on Dutch television late 2012 and early 2013. We discussed parts of this about 2 weeks ago in another thread on this forum “Ryanair departs with disruptive passengers”. The link is:


    There were 2 allegations: pilots were forced to make too many hours and pilots were forced to fly with the bare minimum of fuel on board.
    Ryanair did everything to prevent these newscasts to be broadcast in the Netherlands. Eventually they lost their courtcase and the broadcasts went ahead. After this Ryanair, after earlier refusal, agreed to an interview to give their side of the story.

    The main line of defence: no rules are broken, Ryanair has never had an accident.
    Both claims are true, but they are pushing it.

    Before and after the broadcast of this news tried to control their personnel in a less than civilized manner.
    Ryanair management is trying to tightly control their personnel and keep negative comments made by them to a minimum. Mostly by threatening to not to renew their contracts (in case of pilots) or dismissal in case of other personnel.
    The next step is to keep them from posting on social media and the next thing will probably be to try to get them prosecuted on libel charges.

    I strongly believe that these third world labor relations will ultimately hurt the company. Either because people don’t want to work for them anymore or the public will refuse to fly them.
    So far none of this has happened as not too much of this has come out in the open.

    That may soon change….



    Ryanair has had an accident, resulting in a hull loss





    Thanks for the additional information, but that was not what O’Leary said in the interview. I guess it is all semantics. Ryanair will probably claim that it was a normal operational incident and it was their decision to write off the aircraft as repair would cost more than the aircraft was worth at that time.
    Luckily there were no fatalities and the plane landed at an airport and stopped on the runway. In that respect the claim was probably right.

    Never mind that: I would still feel a little uncomfortable flying with them.
    Too much negative comments and publicity for me.




    It was a crash, a/c lost power on both engines around threshold height, made an unstabilised and hard landing that did a load of damage.

    The incident and aftermath were handled very well by Ryanair, but it was as much a crash as BA38.




    I believe you, but was only reacting to what Michael O’Leary said during the interview on Dutch television earlier this year.
    No doubt you and I agree, but Ryanair views it slightly different. After all, the aircraft looks pretty much in one piece after the accident.



    Hi Folks.
    Apologies, did not mean to duplicate a thread. I know many discussions take place on here re Ryanair.

    But I thought i would set up this thread specifically re the program, so BT forum contributors could commented on the specific points raised in the program, on one specific thread.

    I am also conscious that BT will be aware that we must deal with what we see and hear on this program, does not form any liable type of comment on here.

    I did see the Dutch Broadcast of this program originally. I found it shocking, but not surprising to hear of this Company. My impression of the program, was that the research and evidence within it, was tangible, and the pilot comments detailed enough to be plausible. I did not feel that the program was in any way dramatising or exaggerating any of the issues raised.

    i think when broadcast, it will shock many leisure travellers in the UK.



    “After all, the aircraft looks pretty much in one piece after the accident.”

    So did BA 038.

    Ryanair 4012


    BA 038


    Whatever O’Leary says 🙂



    FormerlyDoS – 11/08/2013 15:15 GMT

    BA38 was sabotage and FR4102 was as a result of multiple bird strikes, so not remotely the same.



    Oh how I love you Bucksnet. The BT resident conspiracy theorist? 😉 I don’t necessarily agree with you but the world (and this forum) would be a poorer place without you!



    Trying to get to the truth is not a conspiracy theory. The conspiracy theory would be why it was sabotaged? Who done it? What was the reason behind it? Who was on the plane? Etc. etc.

    The documentary explained how the heavily penetrated AAIB struggled to come up with an explanation, but never once did they consider it wasn’t an accident. Then they came up with a theory that has never happened before and has never happened since.



    Bucksnet…….with reference to your sabotage theory, I would be interested to hear where you obtained your intricate knowledge on the operation of the Boeing 777, and the reply that you received from the UK CAA and the British Airways Flight Safety manager in reply to your theory.



    “BA38 was sabotage and FR4102 was as a result of multiple bird strikes, so not remotely the same.”

    The pigeons recieved Kamikaze training from Dr Evil.

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