Roaming charges in EU since 15 JUN 17

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  • handbag

    The good thing with three , is that it is not just in Europe that you can use as at home, but lots of other destinations around the world.


    Even if you were in Irish waters Capetonian, as you rightly say the SIM card can only pick up one signal, and if it’s jumping between say France and Ireland or the UK and Ireland then those breaks would show and you would lose your signal during the changeover of provider. I often cross from Switzerland to Italy and VV and using either my UK, SA (Vodacom as well) or Swiss phone this always happens.

    As a by the way, I’m on PAYG with Vodacom and I pay just R.5 per minute to make and receive call to South Africa, which is way cheaper than any of the other networks I use. Same rate for roaming in Europe and most of southern Africa as well.


    Thanks LP.
    I spend a lot of time travelling between different countries by land and sea (obviously by air doesn’t count as the phone is always either off or in flight mode, isn’t it!), and nothing like this has ever come up on my account before.

    I also use Voda Prepay. It’s relatively expensive for calls within ZA but the other benefits outweigh the cost and most of my calls are short anyway.


    A tip if I may capetonianm, a few years ago I had an issue in South Africa where I thought I was on wifi and wasnt and my data bill back to Singapore was huge…

    I went absolutely ape with them telling them I had not received notice of consumption which is a pre requisite, in other words you should have received SMS from your provider telling you of your consumption. If these were not received shout merry “bloody” hell as your argument will be that you had no idea of the consumption this is “bill shock” and you will be seeking legal council on it …..

    Who is the provider??

    Tom Otley

    I am in Sheremetovo Airport and supposed I was using the £5 roaming on Vodafone for European roaming, as I have previously on trips here. instead I got a text saying I am suing data “in our Aerospace and Maritime Zone at £6 per MB.

    I can only imagine it’s because after we landed I turned on my phone and it connected to the OnAir system on board.

    £6 per MB !!!!!!



    Agreed, it’s brilliant as it includes the USA as well as a number of other popular far flung destinations. Saves a fortune and means you are not always searching for free wi-fi and can carry on as if in good old blighty.

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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