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    I’ve just been downgraded from F to J on CX238 on 24th December from LHR-HKG. I have been told two reasons, one by BA (it was an Avios booking) and another by CX.
    1. From BA – change of aircraft as CX are reducing their F offering on the LHR route to one flight a day; and
    2. From CX – CX238 never had an F cabin so they couldn’t see how I could have booked it in the first place.
    Has anyone else had a similar problem with CX over the coming Christmas period or knows if either is true?
    Rather annoyed about the downgrade as it was my 20th anniversary treat!



    From what I gather – CX is right…. I’ve never known CX238 to have F class



    Erm, yes, CX238 operates as a three class service with no F. But with CX J as good as it is…



    I agree, I have never seen a four-class service on CX238. Since BA seem to have messed this up, I suggest you pressure them into putting you on CX250, which departs just 50 minutes later, and does have F.



    Or put you on the BA25.

    Main thing is as Ian said, pressure them that it is a BA mistake and NOT CX changing aircraft.



    Thanks all, I knew I’d get sense from this community!
    Ian_from_HKG – Thats what I’m trying to get actually, however, as it’s an Avios redemption, neither party (BA or CX) are giving way right now, quoting “they have to abide by the fare conditions” and “there’s no avios availability on CX250, best you just wait and see what becomes available”. Yeah right, between now and Christmas Eve? I don’t think so!



    “Fare conditions”, corporate-gal? I suggest you ask them to point out precisely which fare condition gives them the right to confirm a first class seat on an aircraft that never had a first class. Literally, ask them to quote the specific condition. Then post it here and the lawyers amongst us will advise what you do next 😉

    BTW the EU261 downgrading compensation for a flight of that length is 75% of the ticket price. You may (or may not – I know it’s a special occasion, for which congratulations btw) wish to suggest to BA that you will continue in CX J (which is still very good) but get 75% of your Avios back. You should certainly accept nothing less. Good luck…

    Oh, and one small note. BA’s assertion that CX are reducing F to one flight a day is an outright lie. Even now F (paid) seats are available on two flights on that date, including CX250



    Corporate-gal, I wasn’t going to comment on this subject, however after reading the comments above, I’ve developed a niggling (cynical) feeling and part of me can’t help but think that this is a ruse by BA, hoping you’d either not notice or shrug your shoulders.

    Don’t know what your BA passenger profile looks like, but I’m sure they don’t want you experiencing CX first if they can help it …… Don’t back down, and I fully agree with Ian’s poker approach, call their bluff.
    And as humorous aside, it does seem possible to get premium availability booking with Avios after all, you just need to be prepared to be downgraded from a non existent cabin after partying with your cash.


    Hi Corporate-gal,

    Greetings from BT AP.

    Did BA refund the Avios difference between F and J to you? Drop me an email at <a href="mailto:[email protected]“>[email protected] if you’d like us to help follow up on the matter.

    Cheers, Dominic



    Hi Dominc,

    I have e-mailed you separately.

    Thank you 🙂



    Any news, corporate-gal?



    Good news indeed!

    BA – point blank refused to move my flights from CX238 to either CX252 or CX250 even though there were plenty of seats because “there was no Avios availability”. Quoted EU261 at them and got back 75% of my Avios.

    CX – came up trumps (thanks to Alan at CX London office – top bloke!) and moved us onto CX252 in F, no quibble. BA had to re-issue the ticket and cancel the J booking and did this without hesitation or question!

    So good result all round and we’re now better off with an earlier flight into HKG (and onwards onto KUL) getting us there in time for a lazy afternoon at Traders Hotel on Christmas Day!

    Thanks all for your advice.



    well done : )
    Hey, corporate-gal, did BA request the 75% back ?



    ssshhh, not yet! 🙂
    I’m sure they’ll catch up though

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