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  • Swissdiver

    Thank you all for your help. I finally selected While they offer NFC solutions, I chose a low-tech luggage tag (along with other products) that will do the job (i.e. allowing anyone to enter a code on a website that will trigger an SMS notification).


    Chris here from ReboundTAG.

    You are comparing apples with carrots here.

    Trakdot is an active GPS tracker with batteries and an App. Like all first generation GPS trackers it performs as we would expect a gen 1 device too.

    If you own one, I ask you a question, it is this, how accurately can your Trakdot tell you where it is? Who has got it? How do you get in touch with the finder so you can get it back?

    With a 3 star rating on this is expected. Its chief competitor Lugloc as well as smart bag manaufacturers had their trackers banned because they were using high power lithium batteries that IATA banned as they risked explosion and causing the plane to crash. Fortunately for Trakdot they use normal batteries, but battery life before it goes flat is reduced.

    ReboundTAG on the other hand is completely passive, no batteries, no malfunctioning apps, no complications.

    Now here is the secret.

    Every ReboundTAG owner has access to our unique Active Search Facility to request our help when their bag goes missing. We can search for their bag from the lost luggage file reference from the airline, the paper tag ID the airline attached to the bag handle or a scan of the RFID, or the QR code or the NFC or the unique written ID written ID printed on each tag. Don’t think I need to go on.

    Why does ReboundTAG win every time? Because we have designed simplicity and world class professional service. Contact Trakdot anyway you like and ask them to find your GPS tracker 24/7. What happens, does anything happen? We don’t know.

    Contact ReboundTAG as described and you get a follow the sun service 24/7 from real people in real call centres around the globe giving you information and more importantly someone who you can communicate with who knows how to track down your bag all over the globe.

    Here is a comment from a Canadian customer and an American couple we helped this weekend:

    How would I rate you? Tops. 5. The key to start with, was the prompt reply.

    This was extremely stressful – not a bag full of Hawaiian shirts but a bag of suits, dress shirts, casual clothes – everything he owns to make this move.

    Cannot imagine replacement cost let alone coming up with the time and effort re shopping.

    Hearing back by email and then reaching you by phone – not some phone system with overseas operators, added to the feeling we would be looked after.

    Someone is on it, cares to help, so trust, faith in the product and the system behind it.

    Enough words.

    Long day.

    But will continue to use and recommend the reboundTag.

    Marion D

    Hello Everyone!

    Tim & I wold love to thank everyone involved with locating and delivering our luggage with a special thanks to Minja

    Tim Crowley & Debbie Dutton

    Draft Beer Services Inc.

    Hope this helps


    All of that may be true, buy your company does not even publish password construction rules for tag registration or give meaningful feedback when the strong password entered does not validate.

    That’s what I call basic stuff.

    So I would fix your own house, before criticising others.


    Alas, the only problem with Trakdot is that it currently does not work and has not worked for nearly a month. The team are blaming a “server outage” but can give no further information. I had an email a week or so back saying an announcement from the top will be made shortly. My guess is they are closing down their 2G system, whether they will launch the 3G or 4G system.. time will tell.

    I still think when this thing works its the best tracker on the market….

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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