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  • Swissdiver

    I’ve just renewed by BT subscription and doing so, checked the current BTP offers. Among them, ReboundTag.

    While I was initially reluctant to use these tracking devices, I have to admit it is a lost game. We are no matter what tracked all the times nowadays. Since therefore I can’t beat it, I am considering joining it. That said, I could not understand why on earth these ReboudTags require RFID, NFC & co. After all what it requires is someone to grab the number and enter it on Surely I missed something!

    I also saw on another thread mentioning that might make more sense to me as it actually tells me where my luggage is when I want.

    Are you using any of these devices?


    @Swissdiver – yes I use trakdot. It works in 90% of the locations I travel to. The mapping shows a rough area where the case is – its not GPS accurate but GPRS..

    Great value and I know there is another product being developed..

    Interestingly, it doesn’t work in Milan..


    Martyn, are you still receiving SMS messages?

    All 4 of my devices stopped sending quite a while back and the help desk advised “updating system” or something like that.

    Emails fine, but the sms was the best part.


    @FCP – I have 2 units.

    All SMS have stopped

    Email notifications only get sent on one of the units

    All down to the unit code of the device as I believe transmission is on different frequencies

    However, I get mapping on both units.

    Find the number for trakdot office (I don’t have it on me) and speak to Josh – he is really helpful and if there is a problem could be persuaded to give you a lifetime license… or send a replacement unit. Mention Business Traveller….

    He has told me in the past that a new version using 3 or 4G is due to be launched shortly. Currently it is only working on the dated 2G network….


    Thanks. Any one actually using ReboundTag?


    Tom and team: I was hoping to read you on this since it is part of the BTP offering…

    Tom Otley


    What would you like to know?

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    Hi Tom,

    Why ReboudTags require RFID, NFC & co, since it seems it requires someone to manually grab the number and enter it on

    Tom Otley


    I’m really sorry, but I don’t understand what you mean. When you say ‘someone’ do you mean, the user, or do you mean someone at the airport?

    Maybe you’ve already watched this but it explains the process clearly. If it doesn’t answer your question, we can get in touch with them directly.

    You can add extra details to your profile to make the airline easier to return your bag to you or even whether you have medicine in your bag etc… but the amount of information you choose to share is up to you.


    Thanks, Tom. I watched the video before starting this thread. If I use their service and lose my luggage, an individual who found it will need to go to and fill in the details. How different is this from an old fashion luggage tag with a name and an email address?

    Tom Otley

    The purpose of the tags is so the machinery at the airport can keep track of your bag.

    One has the ID on, and the other is programmable so you have the option of writing over it with your latest trip details.

    If your bag is ‘lost’ in an airport, then it can be found using the RFID tags.

    If the airport isn’t equipped with those, then they can scan in the barcode.

    Finally, if an individual finds the bag (say you leave it in the back of a taxi), then yes, they would enter your details into the website and then arrangements made to put you and the individual in contact with one another (the same as with a name and address on an old fashion bag tag).

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    Does the mfg provide any “success” stats regarding their tag and reunited luggage.

    The problem I see with the product is that it only tells you where the bag was last seen (not where it currently is). Also, in the past if I have found a lost item, I tend to hand it in, not check labels (sometimes there are several). The airlines already have the ability to confirm where the bags were last seen, they just wont tell us the owner…

    I think the next generation of bag trackers will enable real time tracking at low cost….. what happened to all those cases being invented or available last year. Think we had a long thread on the subject – its all gone very quiet…


    Martyn, I think a lot of the tracker cases being promoted had ability to recharge phones via an internal battery pack, which are now banned on most/all airlines..


    Chris here from ReboundTAG.

    You are comparing apples with carrots here.

    Trakdot is an active GPS tracker with batteries and an App. Like all first generation GPS trackers it performs as we would expect a gen 1 device too.

    If you own one, I ask you a question, it is this, how accurately can your Trakdot tell you where it is? Who has got it? How do you get in touch with the finder so you can get it back?

    With a 3 star rating on this is expected. Its chief competitor Lugloc as well as smart bag manaufacturers had their trackers banned because they were using high power lithium batteries that IATA banned as they risked explosion and causing the plane to crash. Fortunately for Trakdot they use normal batteries, but battery life before it goes flat is reduced.

    ReboundTAG on the other hand is completely passive, no batteries, no malfunctioning apps, no complications.

    Now here is the secret.

    Every ReboundTAG owner has access to our unique Active Search Facility to request our help when their bag goes missing. We can search for their bag from the lost luggage file reference from the airline, the paper tag ID the airline attached to the bag handle or a scan of the RFID, or the QR code or the NFC or the unique written ID written ID printed on each tag. Don’t think I need to go on.

    Why does ReboundTAG win every time? Because we have designed simplicity and world class professional service. Contact Trakdot anyway you like and ask them to find your GPS tracker 24/7. What happens, does anything happen? We don’t know.

    Contact ReboundTAG as described and you get a follow the sun service 24/7 from real people in real call centres around the globe giving you information and more importantly someone who you can communicate with who knows how to track down your bag all over the globe.

    Here is a comment from a Canadian customer and an American couple we helped this weekend:

    How would I rate you? Tops. 5. The key to start with, was the prompt reply.
    This was extremely stressful – not a bag full of Hawaiian shirts but a bag of suits, dress shirts, casual clothes – everything he owns to make this move.
    Cannot imagine replacement cost let alone coming up with the time and effort re shopping.
    Hearing back by email and then reaching you by phone – not some phone system with overseas operators, added to the feeling we would be looked after.
    Someone is on it, cares to help, so trust, faith in the product and the system behind it.
    Enough words.
    Long day.
    But will continue to use and recommend the reboundTag.

    Marion D

    Hello Everyone!

    Tim & I wold love to thank everyone involved with locating and delivering our luggage with a special thanks to Minja

    Tim Crowley & Debbie Dutton

    Draft Beer Services Inc.

    Hope this helps



    @chris – the first time I used trakdot, my case did not arrive in the baggage arrivals area on a flight from LHR-MIA. I spoke to the BA rep in the arrivals hall who said the bag must be in London. Remember he had access at his terminal to the BA baggage system and could easily have checked where the bag was (he didn’t). I flipped open my lap top and showed him the case was in a baggage area at Miami. He still wouldn’t go and find it, so I went onto Orlando where I made a report to the BA office who again tried to fob me off the bag was in London and again they could have checked.

    They were gobsmacked when I opened my computer and saw the proof I had – the bag arrived the next day. When the message came through on my email, that the bag was in the vicinity of MCO, I drove to the airport and as I walked into the terminal ,hey presto, there it was.

    Where trakdot works very well, it the ability to send messages to email accounts (and SMS, but now only to a US telephone number) as well as the mapping, which license holders have access to. You are right, it is not that accurate (it is GPRS, NOT GPS) but telling me which airport its at, is accurate enough.

    Josh at Trakdot has advised the next generation is about to be launched.

    Where your system differs is that it involves the very unhelpful airlines or third parties who find the bag. I would imagine most bags that get lost in transit remain at an airport somewhere and generally do not leave the airport, unless taken in error (when they are returned) or stolen (when they are not returned).

    I don’t think the two products are “apples and carrots” – they are just designed to locate lost bags, differently.

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