RAF Northolt, Coronation Weekend

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  • MartynSinclair

    I was fortunate to be airside at RAF Northolt today. What an amazing collection of executive jets, all neatly parked and somehow all sparkling clean and shiny after flying in for this weekends historic event for UK Plc.

    UK at it’s very best..

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    No thankyou to all that money wasted


    Money wasted I believe not. Very far from it in fact.

    Royalty and things ‘royal’ are a huge generator funds and revenue earner (far beyond their cost) both for the UK both directly and in directly.
    The income in this area far exceeds the maintenance costs and the costs of mounting the sort of extravaganzas of the coming weekend.

    Huge and lasting incomes from both tourists and locals is generated – Britain at its best advertised FOC across the world – hotels filled – inward tourism boosted.
    Its a fantastic business -if nothing more to some.

    Think it through Mark – perhaps your prejudice is showing.


    100% cwoodward. Facts trump ignorance; well done.

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    Besides, the joy this bought to countless millions of people in the UK, the Commonwealth and worldwide, made the whole event more than worthwhile. I think I also heard during the broadcast that the revenue it would generate for the economy will be in excess of £ 3 billion. Not a bad return!

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    [postquote quote=1359773]

    I was lucky enough to get tickets, 2 drinks £23, 2 Persion wraps £24, not cheap but typical festival prices I pay. Fantastic atmosphere though. Every pub, bar and cafe etc in Windsor was packed to the max, so events like this really do good for the local economy.

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    Just as a sidenote, the US have had to fund 17 Presidential inaugurations in the time since our last coronation.

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    So refreshing to see the businessperson’s perspective regarding the monarchy. I have always seen the ROI as monumental – most companies would think they were in heaven Not too mention the massive financial contribution from their charitable activities.
    How many 75 year old employees put in the day of work that CIII and Camilla did on Saturday ? The Queen put in those kinds of days into her late 80s. They do have a priviliged life, but my goodness I think we get our moneys worth. No lazing round the hotel pool at the weekend on their overseas trip !

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Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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