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  • TominScotland

    It has always amused me that dining with the staff (i.e.. The Captain) has always been promoted as an honour aboard a ship – where else would the staff canteen be sold as ‘special’ in this way?


    Glad you enjoyed QM2 – and how wonderful to be able to be so spontaneous!
    we have crossed both ways in Princess Grill which I think is one of the world’s great travel experiences.
    All for the price of a business class return!


    Tom in Scotland, you post reminds of my uncle, he was a captain on the Union Castle liners from Southampton to Cape Town back in the 60’s and 70,s. He was on the RMS Edinburgh Castle sailing to Southampton and as a part of his duties was expected to entertain passengers at his dining table most nights. He sent his steward along to the cabin to a seemingly somewhat reclusive American with an invite for that evening. The response to the somewhat taken aback steward was along the lines of ” are you kidding me….I did not pay mega bucks to come on this tub to dine with the godamn crew”. Captain Kelso did not invite him again!


    regarding stateroom / suite choice – I agree it would be very difficult to go to a lower cabin style once you start climbing the status ladder. I found the inside, perfectly adequate and would book again. However, regular passengers have told me, Cunard usually start upgrading you after 2 or 3 inside bookings as an ‘encouragement’.

    On the behind the scenes tour, it was explained that some ‘well to do passengers’ book additional inside state rooms or balcony staterooms, purely for their additional luggage. I guess a bit like using a private jet for the luggage. This did make me feel like the poor relation….

    No LP, I did not order a hamburger at 2am… !!!

    Interestingly, my Seiko Astron watch, did cause confusion one morning, when it picked up the 1/2 hour time change (the only such change in N America) by Newfoundland.

    I spoke to Mr deputy Captain (the big Captain was a real pompous misery) about how the ship decided which night to move the clocks back. His answer was it really didn’t matter – Queen Mary 2 keeps its own time zones through the crossing so as to fit in best with the social side of the ship.

    @canucklad, in case, just in case, your question was serious… there is one theatre for shows, and one theatre for films and lectures.. All classes get the same shows / films / entertainment

    One of our friends was invited to the Captains Table for dinner, except the Captain never turned up – he was having dinner on another ‘Captains Table’.

    I think the only benefit of the Captains cocktail party is you don’t need to buy pre dinner drinks that evening 🙂

    Whilst the ships Captain is indeed a very skilled and knowledgeable Mariner, part of his work is to be a showman and boy, did our transatlantic Captain love himself… a real showman…

    Again, I really cant wait to wait to experience QM 2 again…..

    ps – are there any female Captains yet??


    Queen Victoria has a female captain!


    I know the QM2 is in a totally different class, but you’ve fair put me in the right frame of mind for my maiden cruise with Royal Caribbean in November from Southampton to Puerto Rico via the Canaries & a few Caribbean islands.

    You definitely picked up a bargain with your £599pp extension to your “party cruise”.

    A wonderful trip report – thank you.


    I did a transatlantic when returning permanently to the U.K. with my dog. Had Queen’s Grill and it was a really unforgettable experience – great service and food and a wonderful civilized atmosphere – really enjoyed the formality. I have travelled extensively by air, usually in First Class, but this is something on an entirely different level. Not something I will ever forget.


    Just came across this site which shows the last known position of cruise liners.



    Give me an airliner every time LP.

    As a young teenager, having spent what felt like a week, hanging over the side of SS Nevasa feeding the fish with the contents of my stomach, in the Bay of Biscay I swore never again. I also recall stories from my father, in one he had spent months on a minesweeper in the North Sea/Iceland being sick nearly every day, advising me “Never go to sea son”. Imo Seasickness is hereditary 😉

    Have heard the planetarium on the QM2 is better than the Regent’s park one.


    Fair enough BigDog. Truth be told Mrs. LP and I were also seasick on the first day of the crossing, so I got some tablets from the on board medic (the injections works faster but I don’t like needles!) which cost $20 (buy them on land next time) and four hours later we were fine. One of our party had a patch and she had no problems at all. Her husband, ex Navy, had no problems at all!


    Martin, fantastic review.

    My only experience on the water is either on a Bowman 40 with full access to all areas, cross-channel ferries or HM ships including a great trip back from Gibraltar to Pompei onboard Illustrious in which I had the full treatment including sonar dunking out in the Atlantic.

    BTW, the second-in-command is the XO (Executive Officer) rather than the “Deputy Captain”.


    Great to see a cruise/voyage review on here for a change! I do remember Papillion53 doing one before – really refreshing.
    I’ve just returned from a cruise that I booked on the spur of the moment – not as last minute as you, but in a crazy moment.
    I spotted a fantastic itinerary ex Vancouver to Victoria BC, Seattle, Astoria-Oregon, San Francisco, Santa Barbara and Los Angeles.
    I’ve never been in that “corner” of the world so booked during an internet browse that turned into a frenzied search for my Amex card to pay the deposit.
    Apart from the itinerary – which was as good as I had expected – I couldn’t resist the price, £237.40 for a single cabin for the 7 nights!
    I know, none of my friends believe me either. This was a Princess Cruises deal (scared to say that in case they chase me for the real fare).
    I do cruise a lot and always choose a balcony, however, I too enjoyed my inside cabin/stateroom experience this time – but anyway I could not complain at that price. Oh, and I also got a $50 credit off shore excursions – I did 2 brewery tours so quickly used up that $50.
    I booked BA Club with Avios out (seat 62k) and Air France Premium Economy with my Flying Blue points home – I was dreading that flight, but was most surprised at how good that was with fantastic crew!
    So, overall flights and cruise cost me a total of £690 ex ABZ.
    I think my bar bill was more than that for the week!


    I was told one of the differentiating factors about the QM2 was its design, specifically for the North Atlantic. The design is apparently a flatter hull and more rounded bow, to allow the ship to sit more smoothly in the water. The side to side movement (roll) is controlled by special “jets” along the side of the ship and these can be controlled by the ships computer. The porpoising movement is not so easy to control.

    All in all, I did find the ship incredibly comfortably, despite a 36 hour period of a little rough seas.


    As much as QM2 has this good reputation for crossings, I think the Queen Victoria is not called “sicky vicky” for nothing!

    I remember a conversation with the Captain of the Silver Whisper, on our very first cruise which was also a transatlantic, and his eyebrows did rise somewhat when I told him this! It was a bit frisky as you cross into the Atlantic deep waters, and I spent a day feeling very sorry for myself with our lovely Phillipino butler Regina, checking up on me and telling me to “eat the dry crackers like when you have baby”! My darling DH decided to order room service – what did he order? A seafood risotto – if I was feeling nauseous before I defintely was then! He was banished quick smart to the verandah! Green apples and of course ginger are other good remedies to take if you don’t like to take pharmaceuticals. I’ve never “fed the fish” as it were but I do feel absolutely awful when I get seasick.

    Since then I have worn the bands which you wear on acupressure points on your wrist and the last TA we took last year, I think I wore them on two or three days. I quite like a bit of the rock n roll movement at night, gives a great sleep.

    Oh and I’ve just booked us a cruise for later this year!! :-))) Not on Cunard or a transatlantic. Great idea MS! LOL! There are some great deals out there, for all levels of staterooms.


    Hi Martyn. I have just booked the TA trip and got a fantastic deal, my flight is also on AA in Y – argh!!!! May I ask about disembarkation. You say you leave at 09.00 and then went to the Marriot? My flight is at 18.00 so I take it we have 3 hours free time? I am really looking forward to it. Do you know if I can gain access to the AA arrivals lounge at LHR, I am OW Sapphire? Thanks

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