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  • SkinFlight95

    Precision – we are both Privilege Club Gold Members (we are generally lowly this precision is just indicated to mention how QR consider its Passengers/Clients)

    After a business class return trip (2 passengers) in February 2018 (reserved in June 2017) NCE DOH HND (void) BKK DOH NCE we had to flight in 787 we made these flights in A320 (NCE DOH NCE)…. with no apologies or information (they got our respective emails….) we (both) will fly next May 07th (award business class return ticket) BRU DOH WDH (void) CPT DOH BRU with a continuing flight on May 09th. (DOH WDH) 25 hours later….(initially it was reserved on May 08th.)

    They just informed us of this change without any proposition of hotel during this long stop in Doha. They consider that we can wait for 25 hours in Doha Airport (I requested many times at least a room and breakfast) but they said that as it is an award ticket they follow their award conditions/rules for this kind of ticket and they have not to produce any kind of service !

    Just for a laugh (but as we say in French expression “rire jaune’ – forced laugh) the different schedules have already been changed 1 or 2 times for each leg of travel (BRU DOH WDH & CPT DOH BRU) but now our new e-ticket is not mentioning the scheduled arrivals time !!!! it is very easy to ask for a private car transfer !

    Since 5 or 6 years we paid and travelled in Business class for our holidays but following their consideration we are considering other airlines about our next holidays in Fevruary 2019….

    Nota : Sorry if my english is not good but I am french 🙂


    Hi SkinFlight97 –

    I guess part of the debate is how much you agree with ‘what makes a skytrax five stair airline’. Reading the list of the 5* carriers there are some obvious candidates – Singapore, Cathay, ANA and some more questionable ones (IMHO) Etihad, Lufthansa, Hainan.

    I fly QR J class reasonably often and I think that when all things go smoothly with your flight and reservation they are five star onboard and on the ground. When things don’t go to plan, they are more questionable as a five star airline. I find their staff for example are not empowered to make decisions or go ‘off script’ during times of disruption even if alternatives not in their employee guide would make more sense. Most airlines are guilty of this to a degree but I find the asian and ME airlines particularly steadfast.

    The second issue which you highlight are frequent schedule changes and aircraft substitutions. Thankfully i’ve only had one major schedule change (when ADL was reduced from daily to 5 x weekly and they were useless at offering reasonable alternatives). Aircraft substitutions were more of an issue for me in the past but thankfully these seemed to have reduced a little. The worst was when they still had the A330 aircraft with angled beds on the longhaul sectors. You’d be booked on a flight with a flat bed and sometimes find when you boarded it had been substituted.

    Saying all of that, the grass is not necessarily greener on the other side. By all means, it’s worth trying out the competition if you aren’t happy. I find it difficult to find viable alternatives to QR as despite some hiccups along the way they still tick nearly every box for me – extremely competitive business class fares, excellent onboard product and lounges in DOH, able to credit to BA Exec Club.

    I’ve seen on some other blogs that Oman Air are offering some wonderful fares from europe to Asia (c1000 euro) and perhaps they are worth your consideration?



    A couple of points. It is difficult for an airline to forecast accurately in advance the times that flights will operate, due to many constraints, many of which are beyond their control, for example slot, gate and overflight constraints, and aircraft availability. So when you book many months ahead, you should not be too surprised that changes occur.

    That said, the itinerary should be updated in real time and a new one sent to you, but the e-tickets need to be revalidated or reissued to show the new timings. If their system/personnel are not doing so then you have every right to complain, assuming that the changes are significant. You can always check their website for the updated timings, however, you shouldn’t have to do so.

    They just informed us of this change without any proposition of hotel during this long stop in Doha. They consider that we can wait for 25 hours into Doha Airport ……… but they said that as it is an award ticket they follow their award conditions/rules for this kind of ticket and they have not to produce any kind of service !

    They are sticking to the conditions for that type of ticket, and you were, or should have been, aware of that when you booked. That doesn’t seem unreasonable.

    Personally, I would never fly on any of the ME airlines for several reasons, but in your case you are a victim of their complacency which leads to a lack of customer care. Whilst people keep booking them because they are good value and superficially at least offer a good hard product, that will never improve.

    In English there is an expression ‘vote with your feet’. I don’t know the equivalent in French but I am quite sure you will understand the meaning as ‘walk away’ or as you said, look at other airlines. The ME airlines are all the same. Located in NCE, you have a pretty good choice of EU carriers which would offer you more convenient routings with shorted flight and transit times.

    Bonne chance et bonne vacances.



    votant avec leurs pieds


    Salut SkinFlight97 –

    Your problems with QR are regrettable, yet under the circumstances shouldn’t have come as a surprise if you’re up to date with Gulf politics . And to be honest, I’m not fully aware of the current situation so I might not be 100% accurate.

    Recently, QR have had to deal with different logistical problems as they’ve changed flight plans to manage the various no flight zones imposed on them effecting routes into and out of Doha.
    This might be the Why ? Although I’d have thought a 5 Star airline would be transparent if this was the case.

    Your point about the extra-long layover is interesting…….If it’s their fault, then I’d expect to be looked after.
    However, I now actively search for flights that involve such a layover. They are usually much cheaper and allow for a break and an opportunity to explore a new destination……In fact QR’s long scheduled transfer time allowed me just such an adventure last year on my HK.

    Alas it’s a case of qui sera sera


    They may consider we should keep up with their politics, however they are shareholders in IAG and BA fly to Qatar for onward connections on QR as well as their own routings north of the Arabian peninsular, so you make your choice over the shortest flights or the continuous QR service?


    BA fly to Qatar for onward connections on QR as well as their own routings north of the Arabian peninsular

    BA’s one daily flight to Qatar is suspended until at least July 2018 then being downsized from 777 to 787.


    I would just mention that naturally I personnally reserved an hotel booking for this extra long stop (25 hours) in Doha
    but there I am not happy and totally unsatisfied is that I have seen myself that the stop in Doha was 25 hours
    They did not contact me to mention or inform this long stop (they got our mobile n° or respective emails)
    This change has obliged us to cancel a car rental, an hotel and change for another other (many more expansive) in Etosha Park as the previous was not available one day more ! Cost at our own expenses…
    I just contacted them to request to find a solution to transform our reservation DOH WDH in DOH CPT or JND (then at their expenses CPT/JNB –> DOH) into a sister company as BA (sout Africa) even this was no possible through their rules….
    If they were transparent and so comfortable with this important change they should must more attentive of their clients even if it is two award tickets (we paid with our previous flights…. they must be informed of that as well).


    Dear SkinFlight95,
    I’m sorry for your inconvenience, but let me tell you a couple of things.

    I have been a Privilege Club Platinum member for 4 years now, who flies always, and only, on Business Class on QR; simply because they have convenient fares and because their service is always impeccable with/to me.

    I always book my tickets quite in advance, like you, and the change on schedule and operating aircraft is unavoidable. As an example, I booked many months ago a flight for within a few weeks, and part of my itinerary was including QR007 (DOH-LHR), connecting from JKT, just because of Q Suites on that flight.
    However a couple of weeks ago, I saw that my assigned seat (suite 4B) had changed to 3A and immediately realized that they had changed that flight to be operated by an Airbus A350 (a fantastic plane, anyway, don’t get me wrong), but no more Triple 7 with Q Suites on that.
    Knowing in advance which their answer would be, I sent an email to them asking about the change. They immediately replied to me (as they always do) and profusely apologized but the plane had been changed due to operational reasons; and so of course, you cannot fight against that.
    On the other hand, I understand that for you (and for me and everybody), changing from a 787 to an A320 is a big change, but they have the right to do it.

    Regarding the hotel accommodation in DOH due to the longer layover, that’s different and in that case they should provide you with that since, even being an award ticket, they changed the schedule and there is no other option to fly to Windhoek until the next day, so they should they take care of that; so I advise you to insist.

    It is true that they have changed the rules for the privileges you may have when flying on an award ticket or with an upgrade. But, the rules are clear that the changes are effective for tickets issued after Feb 5th, if I am not wrong.
    So, even if an award ticket, but if you booked it before that date, then they should observe the privileges from before.

    Regarding this as well and as an example, on a ticket I have for next month where the inbound leg from MAD to JKT was originally in Economy but I upgraded with miles, since the original ticket was booked on January 12th or so, then I keep the same privileges from before (lounge access and baggage allowance, regardless of my status).
    And I have a printed email they sent me clarifying me that, in case the guys at the escalator leading to Al Mourjan become a little bit stupid, you know what I mean.

    So, regarding change of planes, it’s unavoidable and you cannot get anything from that.
    But regarding the accommodation due to unexpected new long layover due to change on schedule, they should take care of you. I advise you email to membersvc@qmiles.com, and for sure they will reply to you, even they need to forward your email to the proper department.

    Of course, all the above is part of my experience with QR and you may take it or leave it, but just to clarify you that not everybody has bad experiences with QR and for me, I would not change them for any other airline.


    Each airline will have problems time to time, but just a few issues does not decide star rating of an airline.
    Star rating – done by any method – is a comparison. And at that point of time. Also it is a perception by a vast number if travellers. So one person’s problem or opinion does not change star rating.
    For example is BA a 5 star airline? Nah. I give them a 3 star. When I compare Qatar with BA, Qatar becomes 5 star.
    Of course if I have problem I have every right to rant.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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