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    Hi All,

    Just noticed this exciting news item revealing Qatar’s plans to operate one of its first dreamliners to Heathrow. Qatar will start receiving dreamliners in June, so expect service in time for the Olympics for maximum publicity.

    I find this marketing very shrewd indeed and cannot wait to see what Qatar Airways will do to the already wonderful 787s with its new seat launching in March. Hopefully, the 787 will replace one of the A330 flights because really this is the only aircraft that offers an inconsistent experience among Qatar’s aircraft. I particularly dislike the uncomfortable seats and rather cramped feel to this aircraft, something the 787 will do very well at rectifying.




    A recent cycle gave me a comparative LOS-LHR on BA, LHR-AUH on Etihad and DOH-LOS on QA. Qatar won hands down. DOH won for ‘arrivals experience’. LOS arrival with 2h30min queuing in heat was not pleasant, but is the norm therefore on ‘expectation’. LHR arrival, with T5 shuttle not ready for a 747-full, and immigration/domestic transit secuity at its most perverse just kleaves me hoping for Qatar to match Emirates GLA service with an EDI. Hoping and praying ….



    I’ve not flown QR from LHR to DOH, but have done on the A330 from MXP. I agree it’s a very uncomfortable aircraft. There’s nowhere to put your bits and pieces, it feels cramped and even the seat is uncomfortable.

    I hope they replace all their 330’s with 777’s and 787’s.



    QR recently announced a major conversion programme for A333 from passenger to freight version.



    Does anyone have any idea when QR are going to introduce the 787 and if so on which flight from LHR to DOH?


    Hi SpeedbirdA380 – we’ve asked the question to Qatar Airways but there’s no official news as yet. As soon as we hear anything we’ll post it on this site.



    Been searching sites for info and found this one which indicates an expected delivery of 20/9 meaning expect to see it on LHR flights in October.



    Anyone noticed?


    I’m flying to Doha on Monday for a QR press function…it’s not Dreamliner related, but I’ll ask for an update.



    Read the QR 787 Tried and Tested report with interest – any news on which flights they are going to run it on? Travelling in Jan and would certainly consider changing flights to try it if I can. Thx.



    As it stands, it seems that the debut will actually be on the DOH-DXB route.


    Tom Otley

    The news seems to be that it will be on Gulf flights for the first week or so, and then introduced onto the London route sometime in mid-December – this keeps changing, at one point it was December 1, but looking at the websites the flights certainly aren’t loaded yet. I’ll try and find out which flight to LHR it will be on when it does come online.



    Looks like it is on the QR106 & 116 every day from the 20th November (according to GDS) on the DOH-DXB flights and return. Also operating some days on the QR102. Nothing loaded on London to the end of Jan (didn’t bother checking beyond that).

    If I’d followed that earlier link it would have said the same thing!!



    interesting, i have 2 LHR DOH legs in december, 05 and 18th, hope its on by then

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