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  • Inquisitive

    Q suits are not for individual travellers. These seats has exceptional advantages when a family is travelling together and that is the Qatar Airlines USP.
    For single traveler window seat is best and this is one of the best seat. Although I travelled only 4 sectors with this configuration and always had window seat, but noted other single travelers seating in Q suit without conversation and it seems quite good.

    Qatar hard and soft product on air, in my opinion, is among top 3 in the world in my opinion.


    Swissdiver, you and I seem to be alone on this. I too found the Q Suite not to my liking.
    As a single it is OK but the centre ‘suites’ are dark and claustrophobic. The TV screen is too big and too close. The seat sections are all wrong. etc-etc!
    Travelling as a ‘couple’ I don’t have a good word for it. As a four with Kids maybe, but not for me.
    The loss of the ‘communal area’ is a big mistake.


    It really is interesting how people’s view differ. I think the Q suite is the best business class seat in the sky..

    That said, I find the Qatar business class lounge in Doha to be a triumph of form over substance. It’s designed in such a way that you have to walk at least half way round it to access anything, there are way too few loos so at busy times there is always a queue and the food and drink selection on the main, ground floor is dire. Others say it is wonderful…

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    Tom Otley

    … and for those who have not seen the QSuite…

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    Just arrived in Bangkok from Edinburgh, booked in Economy – seat on A350 fine with plenty of legroom. Upgraded in Doha for the final leg to a Q-Suite on a 777, middle block seating. Very private, very comfortable, just too short a flight.

    As an aside, our American captain twice informed us that we would overfly Yangoon, a nice confusion of the old and new!!


    I’m super excited to be flying Qatar from Stockholm to Singapore via Doha next month.

    I think I’ve got four Q Suite flights (QR172/944/947/171)



    One possible objective factor to consider is how tall the passenger is. And I am tall, i.e. was totally squeezed in these small closed compartments…


    Looks an interesting concept. The seats do look rather thin, how comfortable are they ?


    I’m 5’10” and am extremely happy with Q Suite. It’s an amazing product in my opinion. Love the privacy, and I’m very happy with the space. I guess we all have our perceptions!

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    As a single traveller I have used the window side Q-Suite on many occasions and really like it; I think it gives the same space/comfort/flexibility as the current J offer on the QR 380/350/787 config, but with more privacy.
    I can’t comment on the twin middles as haven’t tried them.

    I’ve just done MAN-DOH-MEL-DOH-MAN, first three sectors on 787/380, but the return leg from Doha on an older 773 with the open cabin 2-2-2 flatbed seat.

    It was a daytime flight, and the seat next to me was empty. It must be two years since I was on this plane, but the open, airy feel, together with acres of space, was quite a revelation. Less good for overnight I suspect, and certainly less good if somebody is next to you (unless you know them)as the privacy in negligable.


    I have flown on all three variants of the QR business seat.
    For my money the Q suite is a clear winner.
    The privacy and comfort trump all else.
    Most of these trips were as a single traveller though, so I will reserve judgement on the combined suites.


    My preferences are polar opposites depending on whether i’m flying solo or not.

    When flying alone I avoid the 2x2x2 product like the plague.

    However when flying with my partner despite their 777 2x2x2 product being their oldest it’s my favourite. There are some drawbacks absolutely – noticeably the lack or places to store items. But as someone that can get mildly claustrophobic when feet have to go into cubby holes or there are fixed tables/TV screens over my legs while sleeping I LOVE the open cabin feeling of the old config 777, the sense of space and the greater feeling of air circulating around.


    As a single traveller i have flown QR830 to Bkk several times in Q Suite.

    For me it provides the best Biz Class and QR’s onboard product is unbeatable.

    The cabin crew work so hard to make it a truly “business class” experience

    It is a shame that once you step off the plane the service drops like a flying brick.

    Being a Gold Member counts for nothing.

    FF Privilege Club is a joke.

    As is QR Customer Care.


    I find the BKK QR lounge service impressive though…



    My wife and I have just booked Q suites from Singapore to London, we have booked the quad seats close together but the wife is worried that the TV’s are too close together and be distracting, we would end up watching each others TV. Is this the case? Should we move to the seats that are further apart?

    We are on the day flights from Singapore and Doha and it’s our first time in Business so won’t be sleeping if we can help it so won’t really need the double bed.

    I thought it would be nice to be close to each other for clinking our champagne glasses, but if she can’t concentrate on her movies………

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 51 total)
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