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    I travelled from Bangkok to Doha on 27th December and the service was acceptable. However the same could not be said on the second leg of my journey from Doha to London Heathrow. This qualifies as the worst flight I have had. It would appear that Qatar reserve their best planes for Bangkok to Doha, rather than Doha to London, not sure why, but would be interested to know the reasoning. The in flight entertainment was poor. However the worse aspect of the flight was the food and service. Although I am not a veggie, I often order a veggie meal on a flight as it usually arrives first. This time it did not Moreover when I opened the tray I saw it was just pasta, broccoli and carrots. It was cold and unappetising. I asked for the fish option instead and was told that I could not have that as I had ordered the veggie option and I had to eat that. She was unbelievablely rude. The rest of the food was substandard also, the fruit had no taste, nor did the yellow rice. I do not expect a slap up Mel on board, but I do expect something edible on a long haul flight. I subsequently asked for a complaint form from one of the senior cabin staff. She later bought some fruit, but that hardly made up for a missed meal. The craziest thing was just as we were coming into land I was offered a piece of cake. Also the most ironic hint was that I did not get a veggie option for the snack. Instead I got a chicken sandwich! Towards the end of the flight the cabin crew who refused to serve me fish said she had been to busy to bring me a meal. Clearly, she has not read a job description.

    My daughter who has epilepsy had a seizure. I asked for water, not an unreasonable request. But It took so long to come, I had to run to the back of the plane to get it myself leaving my daughter on her own not ideal. It would have been nice if they could have asked me if I needed any help at the other end. An obvious help would be to let us off first and have somebody meet us with a wheelchair. Instead I had to try to my daughter through the airport while she was having seizures. Being a cynic, i am sure the attitude would have been vastly different if we had been business class passengers.


    I believe that normally passengers requiring assistance are asked to remain on the plane until other passengers have disembarked. That might have given them time to organise the wheelchair. Was it an emergency – in which case I’m surprised you were able to head off without help? Or were you just expecting preferential treatment?

    I don’t get the bit about the food I’m afraid. You ordered a vegetarian meal. It didn’t come first – so what, you are not entitled to priority service. Then you didn’t like it so asked for something else – quite reasonable for the crew to see whether there was something left once other passengers had been served. Then later you were unhappy to be offered a chicken sandwich – even though you had earlier let it be known to the crew you weren’t a vegetarian.

    This is economy travel we are talking about.


    To be fair on this occasion i have to agree with everything that SimonS1 is saying. If your daughter was having a seizure you should have explained this to the crew and a medical emergency would surely have been declared.


    i’ve been on a similar but not critical situation ,on the same route -DOH/FRA,with LH -i asked for a 2nd glass of water -it took them AGES and i had to shout that i needed it to take a pill!!!with the pill in my mouth i heard -“JUST WAIT FOR YOUR TURN”!!!


    simons and trusman -i’m sorry ,but i can not agree w you -obviously you don’t seem to be familiar with epilepsy seizures -the patiet recovers,very tired and usually has no idea of what happened -this mother would not want to bring up the matter in front of her daughter-ONCE THE SEIZURE FINISHED IT WAS NOT AN EMMERGENCY

    THE CREW HAVE ADEQUATE TRAINING to act according to these situations -swiftly,discreetly and efficiently -and shoud have provided this pax with the best care possible -including the wheel chair which can be ordered while enroute as it was a non previwed medical case

    -YES,they would be last to get off board -which would give ground crew enough time to provide the adequate transportation!!

    kathy murray-my sympathies to your matter -this is not an issue of economy or business class -once ,flying FIRST with LH ,tranferring to another FIRST flight in frankfurt,having previously asked for the wheelchair,none was supplied and we were forced to LEAVE THE AIRCRAFT as FIRST PASSENGERS -WALK the long way between “or else you’ll miss the flight!!” -we’d gladly be the last leaving the aircraft,but obviously the crew did not want us bothering them with the w/c issue


    Sorry jayjay, but it’s far from clear that in this case the crew were made aware that the passenger was having a seizure. Or were they just asked for a glass of water.

    And if as you say the emergency was over why is the OP suggesting they needed to be let off first.

    Call me cynical if you like but the OP had already complained three times (not getting food first, didn’t like the vegetarian meal, getting a chicken sandwich) and maybe the crew just thought it was more of the same.


    The OP also said that s/he had to “try to my daughter through the airport while she was having seizures” – so the seizures apparently started on the plane and continued for the journey through the airport. Now, I am no expert on epilepsy, but that sounds mighty strange to me. My understanding was that most seizures last only a few minutes. If the OP is telling the truth, the daughter must have had a series of seizures lasting for at least an hour (from well before landing until going through the terminal). Again, I am no expert, but if this was the case I am very surprised the OP didn’t take the initiative of asking the crew for emergency assistance.

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