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    I am travelling Business Class on Qatar Airways very soon and I have read on the website that, since the QR lounges are not ready yet, we have to pay to get access to the lounge (Oryx) on the new Hamad Airport.
    Does anybody that has already transited there know about it?
    I am already missing the Premium Terminal at the old airport!



    I’m flying through Saturday on my way back to the UK from Mumbai so I have been keeping my ear to the ground on this … Will try and update when I’m back in the UK.

    Flyertalk has a long thread on the qatar miles board about the new airport. So far no reports of lost luggage which is good; but the board makes it sound like the airport is really still under construction and likely wasn’t ready for premium passengers which is a shame.

    There are lounges for QR First / Business in and they don’t appear to be charging (in some cases there are reports of bonus miles in compensation for the mess.) The FT’ers are saying there are showers food etc. Free / working wifi all over the airport.

    The threads main comments suggest an airport that isn’t finished with comments like

    Miles to Walk (as no travelator’s working)
    Still under construction

    And worryingly one person suggests the AC isn’t working / up to scratch yet…



    Nibbler, it seems it is still quite complicated to transit there, I will do it in a couple of weeks.
    I look forward to reading your comments after going thru it on Saturday.



    Well I’m sitting in the Transit area at Hammad and Its not exactly a 5 star experience. The transit process was quick given how long the queues are; but there was no Fast Track (Maybe 20 minutes but its peak arrivals time. My gates have both been at the end of the airport so I have had to walk a long way; there are travelators though and they are working today; as is the AC though it is a little warm.

    As for the acid test; well I didn’t get into a lounge (my transit is only 2 hours so I decided against paying to get into Oryx.) When I checked in @ Mumbai CSIA was given a letter apologising for no Lounge. Tried to get in but was told I didn’t have access on my business class ticket…

    I might or might not get 10k BA Miles; I’m not in Qatar Q+ but BA Exec so will see how that goes; I was given £50 in vouchers for duty free / restaurants which is nice; I just really want a shower 🙁

    Then there is the really weird bit; Hammad isn’t as nice as Mumbai’s new international terminal (Though Mumbai too opened without lounges for some reason.) Hammed is all brushed metals and swooping curves whilst Mumbai is all lovely details. Hammad does appear to have a very James bond villain train inside the terminal though it wasn’t running so. One nice thing though is the shopping area isn’t BAA dense; there are lots of windows out into the apron if you like looking at planes too. I wonder if Qatar decided to save face and open the new airport for the IATA conference that starts here next week.

    My next route through won’t be till October … hopefully lounge will be open as my transits are over 6 hours each way 🙁



    Nibbler, thank you so much for your comments.
    I am completely sure that it would have been much better to transit thru the old airport and the Premium Terminal.
    I have a 4hr40′-layover in 20 days there and on return, it will be 7hr55′!!
    And according to what you say, it will be tough!
    Do you have any suggestions for me?



    AleRom, change your ticket if you can is the only advice I can give. This is beginning to sound awful. In the old terminal, even at peak times, I never waited more than 3 minutes for security, and even if I had to share a table, I got to sit, drink and eat in the lounge. To deny a premium pax lounge entrance unless you pay and fob you off with £50 of vouchers is downright shocking. I hope things improve for when mrs. LP flies through end June.



    Thank you so much LuganoPirate.
    I guess this is becoming very annoying.
    I would like to know what Mr Al Baker says if he knows that HIS Premium passengers are not granted access to the lounge.
    We always refers to MY airline, MY airport, MY crew, whatever, so he should take care of HIS Premium passengers, right?



    Good point AleRom. As I said somewhere else earlier, he should have stayed put until it was ready. Yes the old terminal could get very crowded but it functioned properly. From what I’m hearing the new airport is far from functioning properly!



    Well I am at Doha airport on 31/5/2014 I am Pla member with Qatar and was told as an EMER or PLAT we check in First Class Counters
    Well at the airport no more, if you travel Business you check in Business but if you are in Coach you check in row 3 for one world member, This is now the only airline i know in the one world network you cannot use the first class counters at all only full paid first class holders, I know this is a new airport but the staff are so confused, I was told on my flight to London no first class lounge open for one world members only business class then found out there is a first class lounge full of coach passengers from one world, don;t take what anyone says they are all confused, no one seems to know anything
    as a loyal qatar member being told i can never use first class check in at doha again only row 3 I think time to change

    Its a mess



    Just flew through Hammad on May 29 on business class (Colombo/Doha/Chicago). Was advised upon arrival that only premium FF members had access to the lounge. The alternative they offered was vouchers for food and duty free. Given that I had a 8 hour lay-over I complained severely and was granted access to the first class lounge. My thanks to the manager of the lounge for addressing my concern.The lounge was marginal–small and limited selection of food. Why they opened the new airport with no lounge for business class is shocking since business/first class pax are those who make airlines profitable. I was told that availability of jet bridges was the priority. On my onward journey during the prior week, I flew through the old airport and used the premium terminal. I’ll take a bus ride and the old lounge over the jet bridges and no lounge any day. Many other pax were upset from what I could tell. I was told that the new lounges were behind schedule and would be open by June 9. Seems like Qatar bungled the handling of this issue.



    Does anyone know when the business class lounge at Hammad will be open as I am there next weekend and have a 5 hour connection and could really do with lounge access on a business class ticket Amman Doha to Muscat. Thanks



    I`m travelling through on Wednesday evening and will provide an update.



    Thanks first_class_please! It will be great to have your update on this “controversial” issue!!
    I would like to be bussed to the other airport to the Premium Terminal!!!



    AleromUY, that won’t happen I afraid. These are two completely separate airports with no airside connection with each other.

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