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  • AllOverTheGaff

    Flew Qatar from GRU – DOH – AUH last month and had a good flight with them. Seat comfy, food good, got reasonable sleep and good IFE.

    Then they didn’t connect my luggage from Doha to Abu Dhabi. Not the end of the world, but this is where a genuine saga began. Potentially the worst customer service I’ve had from an airline in 20-years, no answers, no reply’s to emails, on hold online chatting forever and no-one particularly interested in finding my cases.

    Via my Air-Tags I located them at AUH, went there myself, spoke with the airport and retrieved my bags (among over 400 other bags) and all was well after THREE hugely frustrating days of no clothes other than the ’emergency’ stuff I’d packed in my carry-on. More frustrating was the hours and hours of my time I wasted speaking with QR. I did all the social media stuff too calling them out – no reply’s to anything.

    Just a wee heads-up to anyone flying with them or considering flying with them, great product in the sky, dismal customer service on the ground.


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    Have to agree, the hard product is great but when things go wrong, even a wee snag…on your own.

    Although my experiences go back over past 10 years they include having to change a flight and pay for it in Doha as they just would not accept my perfectly correct China visa, re routed to HKG and crossed the border there. Never got an explanation just a refund on the missed CAN leg about 6 months later.

    Then my luggage not making a 6 hour connection and I had to travel 50kms to go pick it up 3 days later as they would not deliver to me, airport pick up again. No apology or cost refund on transport. I do like flying them, just have in my mind I am on my own if all does not go to plan.

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    Im transiting with them shortly from OSL to MEL.

    Out of curiosity can the ground staff travel luggage in transit in DOH much like BA staff at LHR can???



    The almost total lack of customer service by the Sandpit airlines and Turkish is why I avoid traveling with them although it would sometimes be convenient to do so.
    My business trip schedules are almost always tight and the risk of service failures and lost luggage plus the total frustration that zero customer service brings with these airlines far outweighs and perceived convince.
    If retired and on a leisurely holiday then perhaps the sandpit airlines would be worth consideration but never Turkish as the safety risks with them are also far to great for me to consider them ever again. They once some years back ‘lost’ 2 large suitcases of ours…never to be seen again and not one shekel of compensation or interest in assisting in any way.


    I’m sad to say that my love affair with Qatar is sadly over. Yes, their hard product is usually excellent, but my last two flights with them to Doha and Dubai have been disappointingly underwhelming. As BA Exec Gold members they totally screwed up our bookings and seemed ambivalent about resolving our issues. We had booked and selected our seats months ahead yet on the day our entire family got split up on the day with no notification and in 2 different classes! Their apparent reason? Our elite status didn’t register and they had to ‘balance the loading’! It wasn’t even a busy flight and since when do A350s worry about the weight of kids or average adults. The food was not up to their usual standard and having to sit in an economy seat for 6hrs was poorer than I’d remembered with them on a previous A380 2 yrs back. At best it was average. Like others, we got no apology or even acknowledgement of poor customer service. We felt like under valued cattle.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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