Qantas London Dubai is a good option for Oneworld card holders

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  • MrMichael

    I too agree with FDOS, not flown PE myself but friends tell me it is reasonable cost for more comfort and swear by it.


    It’s all about perception.

    If you mainly travel in business then PE is not attractive, but if you normally travel in Y then PE is a major plus, if you happen to be seated in this smaller, quieter cabin since it is a real bonus over Y and at fares normally considerably below J.

    I recently did LGW-MCO-LGW, out in Y and back in PE, it was like ‘chalk and cheese’ and I am certainly with FDOS_UK on this one.

    Or, you run a micro business, like I do.

    We have fixed price framework agreements in place and it is my decision as to what class to fly in.

    On a day flight of up to 7 hours, I’ll take W (or even Y on EK, if push comes to shove), for longer flights, it’s J. Overnight, usually J, unless the flight duration is short and there is no real advantage and I’ll settle for W.

    This policy saves me 000s per annum and still provides a decent degree of comfort – a decent premium eco seat is still anice way t travel, as you point out.


    Henryp1 – Having compiled a premium economy feature for the September issue of the magazine, I can assure you that there are only a few “highly rated” carriers who do not yet offer such a product. And I would imagine they will follow in the not too distant future.

    One of the main exceptions are the Gulf carriers but, even here, Emirates president Tim Clark has stated his airline is evaluating premium economy.

    Will Emirates introduce premium economy?

    <iframe class=”wp-embedded-content” sandbox=”allow-scripts” security=”restricted” src=”” data-secret=”CPyliQ4fci” width=”500″ height=”266″ title=”“Will Emirates introduce premium economy?” — Business Traveller – The leading magazine for frequent flyers” frameborder=”0″ marginwidth=”0″ marginheight=”0″ scrolling=”no”></iframe>

    If Emirates were to install such seating its Gulf rivals would surely follow.

    Thanks Alex look forward to reading this, I’m sure I read somewhere that Turkish have removed and another airline have too, or are reducing it from part of their network, but can’t remember which. I don’t always take the pr from EK too seriously, as they were due to have a new first product months ago in competition with Etihad, but it’s yet to appear.


    I have flown both – albeit 18 – 24 months ago.

    Qantas PE has a ‘wow’ factor. Drinks are served in proper glasses, food on proper china and there us a general ‘premium’ feel to the Premium Economy experience. It’s a mirror of the QF domestic business class product.

    BA WTP feels like Economy ‘Plus’ literally. The seat is nice. The headphones are better. But the Premium Experience ends there, especially in the food department where the Club World meal plonked on an Economy food tray doesn’t cut it for me.

    But then BA WTP is cheaper than QF PE – from experience.

    Given it’s been 18 – 24 months though, I may be misleading readers.


    For clarity, you can credit Emirates flights to BAEC and get tier points and Avioa. No need to fly Qantas.

    All that matters is that you book your Emirates flight under the Qantas codeshare code and not the EK code.

    My wife did this down to Singapore last year, flying Emirates all the way and earning 560 BA tier points.


    Yes, Henryp1, you are correct.

    Turkish Airlines is removing premium economy but, again, that decision could be reversed should any of the Gulf carriers introduce premium economy.

    You are also correct in that premium economy does not suit every market. It was Cathay Pacific who decided to remove it from flights to the Middle East and South Asia – see below.

    Here in Europe I gather than Iberia will launch premium economy soon (although nothing official has been announced) so the main exceptions would include KLM, Swiss and Aer Lingus.

    With two of the three big US carriers (American and Delta) having announced plans for premium economy one would expect United to follow at some stage.

    Cathay to axe premium economy routes


    Thank you for the help.

    While I like to try out a range of airlines, Mrs JH has now decided to come to Australia so it will be Singapore Airlines suites.

    ABBA – nice to see others on board with the sentiment.


    I have considered using QF a number of times between DXB and LHR as a kind of something different but earning BA Avios and tier points. But the price in business class has always been eye wateringly expensive and I have to add the cost of the flight from RUH.

    So I’ve stuck with BA or QR. It has been a while since I last did QF and did like their business class product and service


    Logical for Iberia to move to economy plus (later Aer Lingus?) since they share Oneworld marketing in IAG & BA is moving towards Iberia standards in the EU. Its “horses for courses” depending on the routes & market, like First Class is only viable on some routes, good for pax to have more competition in all classes too!


    Flightlevel – With Aer Lingus perhaps we will see some developments when its two new A330s are delivered from Airbus.

Viewing 10 posts - 16 through 25 (of 25 total)
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