Qantas CEO bitchslaps Etihad

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    Qantas CEO Alan Joyce says he declined an alliance with Etihad in favour of Emirates because it was “like being offered a bike before a BMW”.


    An untrue comment in poor taste, poor judgment, and utterly unprofessional. Par for the course with that idiot. It may well come back to bite him in the backside.


    I agree, it’s a very cheap shot unworthy of Qantas and only makes them look second-rate.


    The QF share price is on the slide again. Glad I sold mine at the end of April.


    What is it with Irish airline CEOs? There seems to be a trend of gobbiness and the apparent intent to provoke.


    If you look at the style of Emirates vs Etihad, judging by his behaviour and how he manages Qantas, you can see Emirates is a better match.

    EK go into a country, undercut the National Airlines, and run new bigger Aircraft. They do not seek to work in co-operation with anyone else. They go in, take the business from other Airlines for their own gain, often at the loss of the local / National Airline. It is a sort of bully in my view, in the industry.

    Etihad, who are more of a boutique Airline, with a far more elegant experience on board, are far from EK’s strategy. They seek codeshares with other Airlines especially in Europe, and co-operations to enhance and benefit both parties.
    They also buy shares to gain influence or control, to expand their network, investing in those that they work with.
    It is a far more balanced and ethical approach.

    Qantas does not have a good reputation in Australia anymore, and the events that seem to happen with their aircraft, and the way they treat the staff is dictatorial.
    They are a good match for Emirates, as they have the same philosophy of Management!


    Spot on MarcusUK.

    From what I have heard from friends that fly for QF their CEO makes Willie Walsh look like a pussy cat.

    Btw, the title of this thread gave me a Sunday morning giggle. Just the image of QF and EY CEO’s bitch slapping each other 🙂

    ***These are my personal views and not that of my employer***


    Watch the program on UK tv C4 8pm, Monday eve documentary on Ryanair!
    (This was aired i think on Dutch TV 6 months ago, as i have seen it).
    Shocking revelations if they are in fact accurate, which it appears to be.


    FormerlyDoS – 11/08/2013 08:02 GMT

    Isn’t it also that they both have ‘little man’ syndrome which never helps anything. Invariably they are bullies.

    Of course Joyce doesn’t have the sense to see that EK will eventually eat QF for breakfast and he will be the first course!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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