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    Hi everyone,

    I’m new to the forum but I follow the website which I love. I was hoping if anyone could help me and tell me if there is any possible way I could upgrade a “Q” fare? I’m on a flight to barbados on the 17th september from London Gatwick. I’m sorry if this has been discussed before but I just wanted to check first before I called BA and get a flat no,I have miles and I’m willing to pay.

    Thanks everyone in advance for your repliesm



    No. 😀

    Eligible booking classes are as follows:
    British Airways: J, C, D, R, I, W, E, T, Y, B, H



    No way possible? Not even if I ask at the customer service desk at gatwick airport if I pay or use miles?



    If you want to pay with cash you can (if there is availability) , from WT to WT+ is £179. The info at the above post is for upgrade using miles. Worth checking at Manage my booking for any upgrade offers (should be at similar price)



    What be your best advice to do it at the airport or call them and speak with them direct?
    Thank you for your replies



    BA offers fixed price for upgrades at the airport, exLON to East coast (including Caribbean ) is £179.

    This is final price, there are no extra fees to pay.
    You will also get extra TPs + miles (sometimes though, you have to call BAEC as they credit to you only the miles/TPs for your initial booking)

    At least that was the price last May when I went to Grenada.

    If you call BA they will give you only a price that will be the exactly the price difference plus fees, can be £500.

    My suggestion would be to check on your manage my booking for upgrade offers (will be on similar price than the one at the airport) , those upgrade offers change from time to time as they depend from the loads of each flight.

    If you don’t get an a decent upgrade offer online, then the day you fly – before doping your bag go to the customer service desk and ask for an upgrade, if there are any free seats at WT+ you can buy it.

    All the prices I wrote are for one passenger/oneway.

    If you booked your ticket from a travel agent you will not be able to upgrade it from “Manage my booking”. BA will not touch a booking from Travel agent but only 24 hours before your flight.



    Thank you very much for your replies it has really helped



    Whilst on the subject of upgrades may I ask a question to anyone out there with some experience….. I have booked a holiday for 7 pax through the BA website; so thats hotel and flight all in. All flying Club World to BGI and the flight tickets all booked in “I” class (restricted). Is there any option, as we are flying out of LGW, to pay and upgrade on the day for some or all of us, or at online check in will there be any paid upgrade to F option that is sometimes offered?



    I think (that was the case last May) that BA holidays are considered as TA’s bookings. So, you will not get anything online (although keep checking from time to time the upgrade link on MMB). For sure you will be able to upgrade it at the airport if there is availability. Maybe BA is able to tell you the fixed price from the phone if you call them . You should ask about the Proactive Upgrade cost at the airport from CW –>F , from LGW to BGI.

    Keep in mind that many times BA will give you an “upgrade offer” during online check in, even on bookings that are from TAs.



    Any idea how much it would cost to upgrade at the airport ex LHR from
    1. WT to WT+
    2. WT+ to CW to BOM/DEL?
    (assuming its an upgradeable class and seats are available)




    No idea, about the price , i would expect something similar as those mentioned above.

    You should know that all the fares are upgradable at the airport (even miles bookings, you will not get TP/miles in this occasion though), the only restriction is to find available seats. Otherwise, the prices are fixed and if you find availability you can take it.



    All the advice above is spot on.

    The only point I would add is that upgrades are best handled online, in advance of travel. You can upgrade with cash or BA Miles (subject to availability) using:


    Or by accessing your booking through your BAEC homepage. Beware that if you hold bookings using multiple PNRs that although the upgrade may be offered to everyone individually, once one person has been upgraded (eg using cash) that can use up the available cash upgrade slots, which could leave you in different cabins.

    I don’t book BA Holidays routes so have no direct experience, but understand these are might not be currently upgradeable using miles or cash (anyone care to confirm?) but these will certain be upgradeable once the Avios changes take effect in mid November.



    Potakas, VintageKrug, thanks for the info!

    When I traveled last month (LHR – BLR outward and BOM – LHR inward) I had the upgrade options disabled, couldn’t figure why.. The option was available on the trip prev to that which was LHR-BOM-LHR. Also it wasn’t enabled for some reason for LHR-JFK-LHR. Both the times seats were available..

    Possibly a stupid/ naive question .. what is BAEC homepage??



    BAEC= British Airways Executive Club

    Yes VK, you are correct but I tend to forget about the online options as all my flights are from EDI or ATH, so the online upgrade option is always disabled. BA has a problem with online upgrades (miles or cash) when the tickets are not starting from London.

    Also, they will not provide you with online upgrade options if you booked your ticket offline (phone) as well.

    Last occasion where you will not get online offers is when you book from a travel agent.

    Last time I had a booking from BA holidays (May 2011) I wasn’t able to upgrade it with miles but only with cash, I think that now it is possible.

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