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  • prosborn

    The last 27 characters of your post are by any standards, Off The Topic and since you are yourelf the poster, they are despicable.
    Please remove them immediately.
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    The only time the status is recognised is as VK has stated at Intecontinental hotels when both an Ambassador and Platinum. They also do so in advance of arrival and upgrades are guaranteed.

    Have just written again to priority club re the lack of recognition at HI,HIX and CP generally outwith the USA, as my most recent experience was truly awful. I tend not to be looking for upgrades as I travel with kid so book the room I need rather than hope for an upgrade. I would however like free wi fi or something just a tangible and useful when travelling.
    Last week the offer was a free paper which then never materialised.

    There is an argument that the ease with which points can be accrued outweighs the recognition thing as free nights are then easier to obtain.

    I have 12 free nights this August from trips last year and this Easter and a total of just 25 paid room nights in total.


    I entirely agree with you. Priority Club platinum’s extras are uninspiring. I also left Hilton Diamond which was simply outstanding in comparison. Hilton benefits – especially international (ie outside USA/Canada) – are simply terrific. Priority Club is mediocre and excludes lounge access which is ridiculous
    I am also heading back to Hilton and dropping Priority Club


    In valuing priority club platinum, one does need to factor in how easy it is to qualify relative to hilton diamond, marriott platinum, star wood platinum or the other options discussed. One also needs to separate out the Ambassador program from the Platinum part of things as it is a separate program. Yes, Platinum on Priority Club is far below Diamond on Hilton and it is even further below Platinum on Starwood, but I think it is still good value as it is so easy to qualify. What you get is inconsistent relative to the other brands – at some properties it is worth a lot, at others nothing. They probably should have another , higher tier but there is so much inconsistency across their brand that I am not sure they could manage it at the moment.


    Here is another reason why priority club is poor. This type of cut and paste reply does nothing particularly as they also spelt my name incorrectly.

    My complaint was about lack of recognition at a recent hotel and I asked what I could reasonably have expected.


    Thank you for contacting Guest Relations regarding your experience with the Holiday Inn Xxxxxxxx

    We greatly appreciate you taking the time to bring this matter to our attention and apologize for any inconvenience not being recognised as an Ambassador Platinum Priority Club member may have caused you.

    As an Ambassador Priority Club member your status is designed to benefit you primarily for your stays at InterContinental Hotels and Resorts. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for further information. A complimentary upgrade and other Ambassador benefits are not a standard benefit for Ambassador members in other IHG properties such as Express by Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn & Crowne Plaza Brands. Some hotels do try to offer benefits over and above the standards set down by Priority Club, we are sorry that on occasions certain hotels do not meet your expectations.

    Mr xxxxxxas an Ambassador Priority Club member you are one of our most valued customers. We know that you have many choices when it comes to hotel accommodation and we hope that you will continue to choose IHG for your future travel needs. We remain,

    Yours sincerely,


    Wow, Binman, aren’t you glad you took the time to communicate with these robots? I find replies like this insulting; it amazes me that someone with a brain doesn’t set up a policy so members’ concerns are addressed, not ridiculed. I have completely given up on communicating with anything but a real human with a real email address. Not worth my time.

    However, I am writing this in a beautiful 17th floor suite at the Crowne Plaza in Denver to which I was upgraded graciously by a front desk woman who seemed genuinely glad I had arrived. The night before I slept in a Holiday Inn in Vail and they didn’t even say thanks for being a PC member. Back to my PC mantra: expect nothing, be pleased with anything.


    Maybe not worthless but not as good as Hilton Diamond for sure, recently used points to stay at Intercontinental in Bangkok and got no room upgrade, no lounge access and no free breakfast, they made it clear this was a redemption night and none of the above is then included, stayed at Conrad in Bangkok several times on redemption and they make no mention about booking being a free night, they always upgrade and always give access to lounge with free drinks in the evening and free breakfast


    Just thought i’d stick my penneth into this one for a change, seeing as i have a huge grudge with Virgin’s loyalty scheme where i always find it costs more when using miles than it would do if i used hard earned sheckles.

    I’ve been a PC platinum member for 10 years, and while i think they could do more, i often have to pinch myself and realise that the miles i have are not actually mine, but my company’s through the wonderful scheme known as expenses, and therefore my use of them to get free nights in some really nice hotels around the world is an absolute bonus.

    I’ve generally always had an upgrade, more often than not without asking, but even when asking in advance and maybe being a little persistent (with a smile and a cheeky quip) you can get some fantastic returns.

    I know not all of us have the joy of using our expenses to fund our holidays, but i suspect most do. Hopefully those that are like me are not the one’s really complaining………surely not!

    It’s a bonus to me…….the one i dont get in sheckles from working my butt off, but one that the tax man doesnt mug me for either! If i worked out the value i’ve had out of it, it’d be many thousands, and for that i’m more than grateful.

    I know sometimes we can get a bit precious about these things, but when i’m sitting in the Cub Lounge having had a fabulous few nights in a Junior Suite with Private pool at a fabulous resort, having eaten some genuinely nice food, all day, a reality check tells me to thank the lord for expenses, and then i remember those poor souls at work while i sip a glass of chilled fizzy grape juice………..the bonus just feels so much better!

    Sometimes i may have had to pay what can only be described as a tiny contribution in the great scheme of things to help smooth the way but, to be honest, it’s a tiny price to pay.

    Make the most of it and enjoy it….and remember (some of you) It’s not your money!

    (Sits back and waits for the abuse from those who pay their own way around the world and then dont get upgrades….)


    Good point, which made me log into my priority club account and check, 60% of nights are actually my own spend….so not feeling to bad….


    You really should get more for your money…….i’m right behind you……..its a disgrace! 😉


    I think I’d simply want to reinforce the fact that Hilton Diamond is harder to achieve that IHG Platinum.

    Some IHG properties will always give an upgrade (and I tend to find Intercontinental and Crowne Plaza do, in the main) but the small print does suggest, where available.

    I’ve posted before about how satisfied I am with this loyalty scheme. It may not be the best but there are benefits. I recently enjoyed redemption nights in New York – which were in an upgraded room and which would have cost a considerable sum.


    Dear ichtop1%
    The post was not about who was paying for the nights at a hotel – it was about the incentive provided by that chain to retain you as one of their top 5% or so of loyal customers.
    Business paradigms dictate that it is cheaper to retain rather than recruit new business; hence it is an important measure of how a hotel chain values your business.
    One could argue that based upon the reward scheme that Hilton and Sheraton value their most loyal customers more than Priority Club. That’s all we are saying. Who pays is not relevant in this instance.


    As a platinum member, I find the standard of perks differ greatly, even at the same property. It was almost as if we are at the mercy of the reception staff. Last 2 check-ins at the same Holiday Inn in Singapore at the same rate bracket proved that. The first time, I got an automatic upgrade to a club floor and they threw in free internet access. When asked, the club lounge access was given. The second time, I had to ask for the upgrade, but no free internet and no club access.



    Not sure i actually responded directly to your post to be honest. I was merely giving a general response in how the rewards can be very good with PC and that they can be comparable to other schemes in certain curcumstances, and that some of us are actually complaining about getting some free stuff! There will always be schemes that benefit some more than others. just so happens that PC actually works very well for me, and i often find other hotel groups far more expensive to stay in… there is a balance.

    Some people love Virgin miles, whereas i think they rob you blind. Its all about opinions and sharing them.



    Tend to agree it is limited at best and I have been lied to about upgrades at IHG also. Seems the standard line is we have upgraded you even if they have not, I have caught them with this in the past. Marriott Platinum is very good, consistent with real upgrades, lounge access and other benefits. Accor group to often had much better rates online but their guarantee policy was so ridiculous I decided to stay at other chains.

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