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  • GarethForster1

    Thanks for the advice guys, i think ill move most of my business from Priority club over to Hilton Honours, the only problem is IHG sometimes have hotels in locations that Hilton don’t with them being the largest global brand so will stay with them when theres not a Hilton in town!


    I am a Platinum Ambassador and I’m very satisfied with the benefits. I always receive an upgrade at all Intercontinental Hotel Group properties as well as other benefits offered by the individual hotels. I’m also in the Hilton Honors loyalty scheme. Within the terms and conditions of HH it includes the benefits of Diamond Status and these are different from the benefits for IHG Platinum. One can argue pros and cons of both schemes but I have always been impressed with Priority Club and, of late, the Ambassador tier. The latter gives 4pm check-out, upgrades and a weekend voucher.

    Last year IHG ran a promotion ‘crack the case’ which offered a fantasic amount of points. I earned enough to have a 5 night trip to New York by redeeming points and stayed at the Intercontinental Times Square – where I was given a top floor room, free wifi and other benefits.


    And with respect to yourself: Platinum status is, of course, earned from stays/loyalty and one can pay to obtain the Ambassador benefits. Ambassador benefits are limited to Intercontinental Hotels and it was personal choice to opt into that additional status but it was part of a Priority Club promotion and it was given in reward for stays.

    However, I’ve had Platinum status for a number of years and have always enjoyed the benefits that were set out with that status within the scheme T&Cs. I realise you would like to enjoy greater rewards, such like those offered by Hilton but as I mentioned, there are pros and cons to both loyalty schemes. I happen to find Priority Club a good scheme and have no complaints. Some Crowne Plaza chains have given me Club acces, some have not but I only expect Club access when I book a Club room.

    I have only ever declined an upgrade at a Holiday Inn because it was to a smoking room as all others were taken. I think a 2pm check out is standard for Platinum Members and at Intercontinental Hotels 4pm is standard for Ambassador Members. however, many properties have given me an extended check-out and it is touches such as this that suggest to me the Priority Club is not all bad.


    Just a quick poll within a poll, regarding Platinum upgrades……

    My experiance last night when checking into my Holiday Inn was once again, ” Sorry we aren’t able to Upgrade you, as a way of athank you here is a voucher for 25% off your dinner”

    Useless since I very rarely eat there and during the week they now shut the resteraunt.

    What would you say the expected percentage rate for an U/G when checking in would be ?

    Currently on my visits so far I’m sitting at a 100% response of “Sorry”

    And over the last 5 years I’ve stayed enough to maintain my platinum status….. probably in excess of 60-80 nights


    Plat with Starwood is excellent. With the add on Ambassador (no need for the word “status” for the Starwood version) covers all ones hotel needs.

    Top class customer service world wide through dedicated person, in my case based in Singapore.


    Again the common theme seems to be better service abroad than back in the UK……

    I also think it depends on who owns the particular hotel….. I opted to stay at the ” Holiday Inn Jesmond” rather than the Express in Newcastle City Centre….

    Not only did I not get an U/G ,my room was the size of a broom cupboard… smaller than the room the week before and it wasn’t a particularly busy hotel from what I could see

    The week after I U/G myself elsewhere !!!


    In reply to ‘canuclad’s” request for the percentage of times I am upgraded by IHG I would have to say it is about 90%, perhaps I am just luckier i the hotels I use

    To reply to your question, I would not state it as worthless. However, if compared to other schemes I understand your point. I am gold with Carlson, HHonors and A-Club and for many, many years a platinum (Ambassador) member of Priority Club. I was Royal Ambassador for many years too. If I may rank my experiences:
    1. Royal Ambassador; top of the bill loyalty level, there’s nothing like it to me. Many perks and always acknowledged by staff and (higher) management of each individual hotel. Excellent burning oppertunities with Priority Club (Pointbreaks!!).
    2. HHonors Gold; always an upgrade, free breakfast and internet, very consistent service. Excellent burning opportunities.
    3. Carlson Gold; always an upgrade and well recognised. Consistent service. Otherwise not very special.
    4. Priority Club Platinum; mostly upgraded, however hardly any extra perks and inconsistent service, very much depending on the individual hotel, occupancy levels etc.
    5. A-Club Gold; nice when staying at Sofitel, otherwise in my opinion quite useless.




    I’ve been a Platinum for 2 years and i havent’t really been made to feel special whenever i stay at an IHG hotel.


    You are certainly made to feel special when a Platinum Royal Ambassador staying at an IC property.

    Most regular travellers who use Priority Club should expect to reach platinum in a year; that means that you can often find a significant proportion of residents (especially midweek) are in fact platinum, and it’s often not possible to differentiate offerings (e.g. they only have a limited number of Exec Rooms/Suites).

    Recognition is better at Crowne Plaza, in my experience.

    But then I’ve also ended up in the Presidential suite at spg properties (more than once) as a lowly Gold. So top tier doesn’t always deliver the best perks!

    Priority Club used to be one of the easiest schemes in which to gain “top tier” status (I renewed platinum this year in early February, with single digit stay nights) but I have noticed a distinct reduction in their largesse this year; perhaps the gravy train is running dry….?


    I certainly am glad I read all the posts. I just recieved a credit card that promised me Platinum IHG status after a certain spend. I will now cut it up and forget about IHG.
    – SPG Platinum (Ambassador) great everywhere, fantastic recognition and benefits
    – Hilton Diamond, very consistent, lots of upgrades
    – Marriott Platinum, just recieved, so far so good. Staying at Ritz Carlton soon, will see what happens
    – A-club Platinum, Sofitel sometimes ok, rest no
    – Best Western Platinum, forget it


    I would tend to agree with you about IHG plat. Only really get any benefits (upgrades) when staying at the upscale properties and even then no club access. There is an IC at Festival City. I’ve stayed there and got upgraded but still had to pay for breakfast (nearly £30!!)
    Good luck.


    I’ve been HH Diamond and ICH Platinum for several years. I think it’s wise to point out that Hilton Hotels are generally much more expensive than anything under the InterContinental level. Therefore I don’t expect much from my Priority Platinum … when I do get recognition I’m pleasantly surprised. Hilton is much more welcoming, as are the InterContinentals themselves; that level of hotel definitely trains their staff to recognize brand loyalty. I spend a fair number of nights at nice inexpensive Holiday Inns here in America where I would be paying double at a Hilton. I’m self-employed and do alot of “leisure travel “, as you Brits say, so always interested in the bottom line. If your expenses allow consistent stays at Hilton, no question they have a superior loyalty program.


    Forgot to mention Points plus Cash booking options at ICH properties (and slowly coming along at Hilton) makes Priority Club a very good loyalty program. Personally, I would never be happy paying $400 a night for a hotel room, it couldn’t possibly be as good as I think it should be. Kind of like the Radisson Seven Seas cruise ships that were rated 6 stars, I spent the first days of the cruise mentally picking the ship apart. But maybe that’s a female thing. Paying $200 and 20K points for that lovely room is very appealing to me. So I’m happy with my two loyalty programs, each fills a particular need.


    Have been a member for 3 years, Platinum Ambassador for 2 years travel extensively in SE ASIA where I have been treated to some amazing upgrades. I have found that the level of recognition and benefits has always been great in Thailand and Malaysia (The IC KL is amazing and the staff in the lounge are great) I have had several terrible experiences with “staff” at a couple of Spanish IC Properties although upgrades to Club rooms without Club access is the norm, as with most situations it is all down to how busy the Hotel may be. I was in Chiang Mae in January with a group of friends and because I made the booking we got a suite with an interconecting door. I always expect to get the minimum so anything over and above is a bonus and you are not disapointed. I once booked the limo pick up from BKK to the IC in BKK and when I arrived 6 staff where waiting to greet me on the steps of the Hotel. I have no complaints about my experience + I just renewed my Ambassador status for 24’000 points, although I get 5000 point voucher when the pack arrives and a FREE night voucher so as far as I am concerned its a bargain. I stay in Hotels 30-50 nights per year on business & pleasure. Happy now prosborn? YSLM

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