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  • capetonianm

    Funnily enough yes. One of my colleagues in Jersey was left holding the baby!

    It’s many years ago and I don’t recall all the details but we’d seen off a delayed flight to BHX quite late at night and I remember that the gate agent had tannoyed for Mr and Mrs Whatever to please board immediately. Infants travelled free and on charters they had no ticket or BP.

    I’d done the coupon count, the flight was airborne and everything seemed to tally and my colleague came in to the office with a baby in her arms. I remember saying ‘that was quick I didn’t even know you were pregnant’ Apparently the baby had been left sitting alone on one of the benches in the boarding area and off went the parents. Found out later that they were off their faces. I called the police and they said they couldn’t look after a baby. We called the police at BHX who said they’d find out when it arrived who had left the baby. He was a sweet little boy, just about walking. I rang my then g/f who agreed to look after him for the night, so I took him home. Not something you could do these days.

    By the next morning the tour operator rep had been in contact with the authorities in UK and I put her and the little boy on the first flight to BHX where he was handed to the police who then contacted the parents.


    [quote quote=922392]First time I have heard of this happening, anyone else left anything so important? [/quote]

    Amazing. I hate to judge (not really!) but anyone who boards a plane and takes off without their baby is surely either [1] incompetent, or [2] drunk. And if number [2], they fit in the number [1] category. By the way I’d love to have heard the pilot’s comments to the copilot after they found out.

    Two friends of mine actually left their baby behind in a restaurant at night and were driven away in a large shared vehicle (they all drove back later and found staff cooing over her). This seemed incredible, and completely incompetent, to me when I heard about it.


    Many years ago we lost my then mother-in-law in Frankfurt airport.
    Unfortunately she was found and returned after half an hour!

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    Many many years ago in TESCO at LGW I was doing my shopping after my last night shift in Ops at LGW, I bumped into a very good friend, who at the time was a stewardess, (they were called that in those days) and extremely heavily pregnant with baby no2. We chatted a while and said hello to my god daughter of two years who was in the trolley. We went our separate ways. I was leaving for the car park later when suddenly this car stopped at the store entrance and my friend looking distraught was in a panic, she had lost XXXXX and the shopping, then a light bulb moment, she suddenly realized she had left the trolley with shopping and daughter at customer services as she desperately wanted the toilet. My friend an excellent mother and a brilliant crew member in the air but on the ground had many blonde moments (yes she was blonde and we did agree on this term), whether it was the pregnancy or not she was mortified at forgetting daughter and the shopping. Many more blonde moments followed over the years but god daughter and I still have a laugh over this, she is now 30 years old.

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    Still, half an hour is better than nothing.


    Perhaps even a useful facility at Airports, as many now have signs to areas for “Baby Changing”?!!!

    Could be very useful if you want to swap, change, vary, or have a break from your current one, as depicted very well in an “Absolutely Fabulous” Episode.


    More than 30 years ago now, our party of more than 20 adults were met by our ski rep at Grenoble airport, which is not exactly the largest airport. He told us to wait there while he got the bus. After quite a while without him returning we began to look for him. He was nowhere to be seen.

    It turned out that the rep having found the bus, had loaded some passengers but completely forgot to come and find our party. The bus, three-quarters empty instead of full, was already half-way to the ski slopes before the rep realised there was something amiss and asked the bus to go back to the airport to pick us up. Needless to say, the rep didn’t last more than a couple of more days.

    It was the first time I’d been skiing, but amazingly it didn’t put me off.

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