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    Good afternoon everyone,

    I am new to the forum but have been reading Business Traveller for many years. As a medic and an insulin dependent diabetic I felt compelled to share the following story as I fear this passenger may have been experiencing a “hypo” which has gone untreated/undiagnosed. It may have been a case of drug and alcohol induced intoxication but whatever the reason for the very sad outcome, I wonder if airlines will review their policy of restraining “unruly” passengers.



    If the person concerned is biting other passengers I’m not quite sure what the alternatives really are.



    SimonS1 – 19/10/2015 14:09 BST

    Agreed, the airline needs to protect third parties and the person themselves. Restraining seems reasonable, so long as it follows the protocols stipulated.



    I also read a relating article that has involved another passenger being arrested for possession of drugs on the flight.

    A woman of Portugese origin (man involved as above was Brazilian) has been arrested for having substances in her hold luggage, which were searched upon arrival into Cork Airport.

    I don’t want to jump to conclusions but this may be a case of drug mule-ing gone wrong. The man who has unfortunately passed away may have had substances hidden within his body. I won’t go into details but obviously they were not supposed to have the effect they may well have done, and resulted in his erratic behaviour and subsequent death.

    As I say only a theory but may well explain what has occurred. As for the restraint, if a passenger is acting this way the crew have to take into account the safety of the remaining passengers/aircraft itself. If this is to the detriment of the accused unfortunately it has to be done to ensure safety within the cabin.



    Just to be clear, I wasn’t suggesting that the ability or right to restrain a passenger be changed in any way. I am however interested to know from a medical perspective what it was that resulted in the passenger dying. I would assume he was monitored for his safety while he was restrained for the rest of the flight in case there was a medical issue that could have been treated in any way. I mentioned policy review regarding passenger restraint in case the airline did anything wrong from a medical perspective while he was restrained. I realise cabin crew only have limited first aid training so something could perhaps have been missed and if so does this mean the airline had left themselves open to possible legal action? Carrying drugs internally is of course a possible course of action which could have resulted in his sad death.




    Thank you for the link JohnHarper. What a terrible story.



    Sad story indeed but, no sympathy from me. Drug mule, bloody fool.



    seasonedtraveller +1

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