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    A new BA website devoted to new aircraft.



    I’m a self confessed BA fan, but I found this microsite to be a load of pretentious waffle.

    Mayhaps if the airline put as much effort into improving the service as they do for side projects such as this there wouldn’t be so many people on forums such as this with a bad opinion of the airline.

    And yes, I know the function of said microsite was to promote the improvements the airline is making to the service. I found myself overawed by the presentation itself to actually be able to take in the information first time around.


    Oh dear, as a company we saw this in development stages and I know the feedback was universally don’t do it for several reasons including those identified by conshaldow above.

    The overriding impression of the information was that the woman looked uncomfortable and cold. Then again, she was flying BA.


    Did BA actually pay someone for this?

    “It’s more relaxing to sit in a well-designed space.
    That’s why every piece of design on board has
    been specifically created to enhance your
    feeling of wellbeing.”

    And yet looking at Club World seating it looks positively claustrophobic, very cramped not at all enticing.

    Then, why is the girl sticking her tongue out at me? Nothing nice or pleasant about that. It’s not even done flirtatiously.

    Finally, in the last picture I looked at in entertainment, the girl looks as if she’s died! She lying as white as a sheet looking totally lifeless. Fly BA, what a way to go!!!


    Sitting in the middle club world seat looks positively scary – at least on the picture shown


    @conshaldow – you are spot on.

    Dreadful micro-site. Why do the marketing people insist on such nonsense. It subtracts from a good product.

    Invest the money in joining up the regular website – integrate flights and car rental so information held by BAEC is not re-entered on car rental booking form OR get BAEC / AAdvantage to talk to each other on the mobile apps.


    Well LP , ref you’re comments about the girl .

    Consider your self fortunate. I’ve just endured the presentation and am now about to drift of to sleep, half expecting to wake up in a cold sweat caused by an impending nightmare!

    Mainly due to the fact the lass draped in white bares an uncanny resemblance to my ex again I’ll refer you to your comments lol


    Canucklad. 😉


    All a bit bizarre.

    Not the thing you would normally spend shareholders money on, then again it’s a while since BA had new equipment so let’s not deny them their moment in the sun.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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