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    Can someone please recommend an airport hotel for me next weekend near to or at Oslo airport. I have a night stop with an early morning departure following morning.



    I’ve stayed in this one personally and it is okay for a single night, also very close to the airport (quick cab ride, 5 mins, 2-3 kms.)

    Clarion Hotel & Congress Oslo Airport, Hans Gaardervei 15, 2060 Gardermoen



    I recommend the Radisson Blu Martyn, literally just outside the terminal.



    Thank you both very much… I liked the style of the Clarion but opted for the Radisson, based on price and no need for a taxi..



    A good choice for a single night, MS. But if it is ever full, the Park Inn is also on airport and is a decent alternative.



    one additional question, for the return, is Oslo a ‘go through the system on landing airport’ or is it possible to get off and wait at the top of the airbridge… (this is for my return)..?



    You need to go through the system. There are detailed threads on Flyertalk. There is a dedicated non-schengen transfer desk on the LHS of passport control, but it isn’t always manned, so sometimes you need to go through passport control, halfway towards the main terminal to the schengen transfer desk (and hope that it is open, otherwise you’ll need to clear customs right back in the main terminal too – BA doesn’t participate in Fast Track at OSL)

    Personally I think Oslo is risky for a back-to-back (you don’t want to arrive behind a couple of Gulf long haul arrivals)

    If you’re on one of those BA fares, you’re better off starting from Stavanger or Bergen, where you just get off, wait at the top of the airbridge and get back on again

    As for a night in OSL, personally I’d take a train into town and stay there instead – cheaper, nicer, and you’re not reliant on shuttle buses…



    No shuttle bus for the airport hotels; the Radisson and Park Inn are a short stroll from the terminal, under a covered walkway.



    Just finished this trip.

    1. Radisson was great hotel and as for the breakfast… wow.. and all for under £100

    2. The return (back to back) Oslo flights. LHR-OSLO flight was 30 minutes late meaning there was no way I could go through the system as there was a good chance I wouldn’t be allowed to go back to airside, due to the timings.

    However, British Airways found a solution.. many thanks indeed. All done and completed with absolute ease and no stress at all..

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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