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    At a 4 year low according to the BBC.


    Any sign of airlines reducing their fuel charges? Didn’t think so…..

    If we have a prolonged fall in prices it may expose the whole ‘carrier charge’ sham for what it is. A handy way of collecting charges on top of redemption tickets etc etc.


    Agreed …….. : (


    Not to worry, with the Ebola scare increasing day-by-day, I’m sure thousands of people will think again about flying and that is likely to affect airlines. When they notice that their big, expensive aircraft are flying half empty they’ll drop their prices accordingly. Karma is a b*tch called ‘Ebola’!


    Remember airline margins are very low so trying to keep surcharges for as long as poss.

    Can’t see oil price going up anytime soon with modern cars and new airplanes (787) all reducing demand and price. So soon airlines will have to cut. Watch this space.


    One of the problems is that many airlines hedge all or part of their fuel purchases, and I know for a fact BA do. If they hedge their kerosene purchases when crude was at $100 and it’s now $90, then they’ll still be paying a higher price so will need to keep those surcharges in place.

    What I’d like to know though, is what is their base price at which the surcharges were first imposed? Since I can recall surcharges from at least ten years ago, when from memory crude was about $35 a barrel, then I think we’ll have these surcharges with us for a lot longer!


    It be a great act to see one Airline in The World come forward and say “We are going to treat you fairly, and reduce the fuel surcharge to the passenger”, as the prices we pay have decreased.

    No one would expect them to do this by 100% we know times are tough, but what respect and good PR it would show, from the first Airline who would do this?

    It is shocking to see the fiddle on our ticket prices in Europe alone, to see the actual “Fare price” sometimes being £5 for a £100 return within Europe, say on KLM LHR-AMS.

    In addition, we re sitting ducks, for the Airport surcharges, Government taxes, and add ons that the Airlines do not receive. We pay £15 + to go through security at LHR each!

    It would be a break through to see an Airline streamline and outline what goes where, and in this case, reduce the cost to the passenger in some way, and fantastic PR in terms of fairness and respect, rather than deception and greed!


    Well done SimonS1!
    Agreed. I fly mostly in the Far East, and TG’s surcharges are ridiculous! Thousands of Dollars sometimes! Luckily SQ and Air China do not charge them, so I choose flts with those carriers! I have actually written to the CEO of TG to tell him that he is Losing reward ticket revenue by having these charges. When I look for redemption flights, I always notice the availabilitty of TG flights compared to Air China, SQ and BR. Less than the former but I am always flexible with my flights, so TG is losing in the long run!
    Also again as mentioned in this thread, if when one buys a revenue ticket, and looks at the breakdown, the taxes and Fuel surcharge are sometimes double the actual flt cost!
    I hope pax in the future will vote with their feet, and start flying airlines who DO ADJUST THE FUEL SURCHARGE, Hit the Airlines who do not in “The Pocket” where it hurts!


    Hi VKsNemisis,
    This is not in this thread, but Malaysian airlines are flying planes Australia-KUL with sometimes only 10 Pax! They are still managing reasonable loads on the KUL-LHR A380 route, but the connections to/from SYD/MEL/ADL/BNE are not there! I wonder how long they will last, although on this Blog, a fellow traveller said the Malaysian Government will never let them go under!


    That is very worrying for MH.
    I know several Aussies as i lived and worked there, and have two friends who have travelled in the last few weeks LHR-KUL-SYD and one going in 2 weeks. They said their flights were 3/4 full at leastin Y.

    Such a good Airline, one of the most mysterious events ever for a jet yet to be established. The other a Criminal act, but could have been one of 5 Airrlines that flew through that airspace in a matter of minutes.

    they do not deserve really, the lack of business they appear to be getting.

    I also flew them on a domestic return a month ago, and their domestic flights appeared completely full, with many non Malaysians flying them still, including Aussies and Europeans.


    Hi MarcusGB,
    It is just the feeder routes to/from AUS that see to be affected! The article showed a photo of an Y cabin on the AUS route with ONE LONE PAX ON THE FLT TO KUL!
    It commented that the domestic flts around Malaysia were holding their own!
    It did go on to comment that the “Gulf Carriers” are partly to blame with all their fare offers and new A/C. And TK is going to offer a NON-STOP IST-SYD next year even outsmarting the Gulf Carriers!
    Another “nail in the coffin”?


    Hello flyingcanadian –

    Yes, MAS is having to incentivise travel agents to drum up business in Australia.


    Where did you hear the news re TK flying IST-SYD non-stop ?

    As far as I know TK deferred the plan. In any case TK has no suitable planes for this ultra long-haul route.


    Who on earth would want to fly TK (based on the negative reviews and comments it generates)!


    Good Day AMcWhirter,
    I am presently in Asia and I read it recently in a Travel section of a Newspaper. The article commented on the fact that for a while, it will be the “Longest Non-Stop Pax Flt”. This is currently held by SQ on their SIN-EWK flt, but that is being stopped next year. TK will then get a jump on QF who will later introduce a A380 on a SYD-DAL route which will then become the “longest Non-Stop Pax flt”.
    TK are waiting for delivery of a B777 which they will use on the route.
    AMcWhirter, I am a widowed pensoner supporting a teen-age son, and I would only comment on aviation facts which I had read in the media before putting them on this Blog.
    I appreciate you are the Aviation expert here, but I did read it in the last week. Perhaps the media in this instance had not read about the cancellation?
    I agree with VKsNemesis that who would want to fly TK after all the unfavourable comment here in the BT. PAX complaining that although the fares are cheap, their customer service is appaling, and trying to get through to someone re refunds etc, is near on nigh impossible.
    If I am wrong re TK, I apologise in advance, but I read it in a newspaper in the last week. And you will be able to sunstantiate re the other facts. about the “longest non-stop routes”. TK will hold that reputation for a short while before QF take it over. And again, IST is supposed to be the fastest expanding airport in Europe and just look at the business through that airport!


    Flyingcanadian, I think you must be reading old newspapers. SQ stopped the nonstop New York flight last year, and QF are already flying nonstop to Dallas

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