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    A modest 5% discount on the standard HEx prices coupled with an upgrade to their First Class cabin, handy if you’re travelling at peak hours:

    I think you have to book by 30 August, but can travel whenever.

    A few other discounts also included for those hanging out in T3.



    There is, however, a small possibility you will be downgraded back to Standard Class if you drop your “H’s”. 😉



    As I have to start to purchase my own tickets from now on has anyone a recomendation regarding the best place to buy flights including Premium Ecconomy with either BA or Virgin? Also, is it still the case with BA that you can only use BA miles to upgrade if your ticket is purchase from BA direct?



    Johnhighlander, I have used Trailfinders in the past for more complicated itineraries and would recommend them. If you are based in the UK and regularly spending money with BA then I would also suggest that you consider one of the BA Amex cards offering BA miles on most spending, and at a higher rate on spending with BA.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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