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    Business class Air New Zealand, NZ135 Auckland – Brisbane

    As were staying at the Novotel just opposite of the terminal we went early to have time for breakfast in the lounge.
    Auckland international is a first encounter for us. We were a bit puzzled as the signs suggested departure were on the 2nd floor. But arriving there, there were no check in. This was on the first floor, signed arrivals…
    Air New Zealand have a secluded area for check in of premium passengers. Here they had a rather odd arrangement of an entry clerk checking passports prior to luggage and check in. Despite that all procedures were swift, I could not help it, but wonder why the passport check could not have been done as a part of check in.
    There was an elevator taking us up and straight in front of the security. However, we had to make way ourselves as there were no clerk advising us to advance in front of the other queue.
    One annoying thing was that the clerk supervising putting your stuff on the boxes for scanning would not let you start this until the person ahead of you were cleared off the scanner. It was not particularly busy this morning, but it certainly would have been swifter allowing this.

    The lounge
    Albeit the signs at the airport are infrequent, it was easy to find the lounge. We were however not notified of the lounge at check in, which means inexperienced first timers might miss it. Lounge was nice enough, pleasant staff, a rich selection of drinks of all varieties and hot breakfast.
    Furniture showed a bit of wear and tear.
    Bathrooms appeared clean, but there was a hint of urine in the air suggesting either that cleaning was light or it was about time.
    The lounge provided wifi which were excellent, and desktop computers.
    There were flight calls in the lounge, the sound was however a bit poor, as for me not being a native English speaking and also hearing impaired, other sources are a must.
    The monitor in the lounge was confusing and ANZ’s online info was poor. However, we also had in mind to do some shopping so we left the lounge 50 mins before scheduled departure.
    As we approached the gate, the flight were still not boarding, despite airport monitors suggesting this. After a few minutes there was an announcement that there would be a delay (unspecified) because cleaning of the aircraft was not finished. We approached the gate clerk and asked whether it would make sense to return to the lounge, of which she advised.
    Back at the lounge the monitors suggested gate closing and ANZ’s online info advised of a new departure time which was in the past.
    The lounge clerk informed us that both the airport monitors and ANZ’s online system would not be updated for minor delays… I have to say that this is not good enough in 2013.

    We finally boarded and departed 1:15 hrs delayed, the craft being a 777 300ER, with herring bone layout.
    While this is a known business seat to many of you, it’s my first experience. I really like it, except the drink table, as I soon realised it is very easy to inadvertently tilt a glass standing there.
    Service onboard reflects this being a morning flight, serving breakfast but otherwise all the stuff you would expect. Food was tasty and selection as you would expect for a breakfast.

    The entertainment system is like the one we had on Thai, high resolution and superb quality. The screen a bit minor though.

    Flight seems fairly full, albeit a few free seats in premier class. For a European used to have small seats for continental flights, this is a great experience. I believe this route normally is trafficed by a 777-200, not sure what caused the change but I believe it is not for the worse.
    The captain announced that we would be able to catch up half an hour of the delay, which is good for us as we have an onwards connection.

    When the cabin crew gave out immigration forms for Australia, we were personally apologised for the delay. With the immigration card, we also received a voucher for fast track immigration. Much appreciated and I wish they had such service in the US as well.

    A very nice experience, almost a shame the flight is so short. I would certainly have enjoyed a longer trip.

    This review has bern typed on a mobile phone, please bear with possible typos.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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