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    Hello NIRscot –

    You were right after all. But has Norwegian has bitten off more than it can chew ? Can it sustain so many new routes ex-LGW to areas of Europe to which (from the UK) it has no brand identity.

    I mean, would the average budget passenger automatically consider Norwegian if he or she needed to book a flight to Dubrovnik, Barcelona or Rome or Tenerife ?

    How, for example, does Norwegian hope to compete on a route like LGW to Barcelona which, from next April, will be served by four carriers: Easyjet, BA, Vueling and Monarch ?

    These airlines are not going to surrender market share without a fight.

    Aer Lingus never succeeded ex-LGW when it flew to mainland Europe a couple of years back.

    Can Norwegian buck the trend ?


    It’s a good question. I think DY have some advantages over EI.
    They are already pretty big at Gatwick, with about 15 flights a day currently offered.
    They don’t have their main rival as a shareholder, I am certain that is a massive distraction for EI.

    DY is also offering connecting flights which sets them apart from most low cost airlines. EI only do this for US and never marketed it well. Many of DY’s connections are logical but their website works out many connections – even London – Edinburgh via Oslo (for £166 btw).

    So I think DY is airline with the scope, ambition and drive to take this on. Whether moving into easyJet’s backyward will work remains to be seen.


    I’m not optimistic about Norwegian succeeding from Gatwick. I think they have a basic problem with their name. Ryanair & Easyjet (and to some extent WizzAir) have names that are independent of any geographical location which means they don’t suffer any preconceptions as to where they fly. With Norwegian, the first thing I will think of is that they fly to Norway and nowhere else. I recall Air Berlin trying the same trick from Stansted (my only flight with them was MAN-STN) and that didn’t last long.

    Without a name change, I think Norwegian will fail.



    You may well be right. But then Mr Branson succeeds with the name “Virgin Atlantic” when the majority of his flight destinations and the majority of his customers identify with neither!


    I’d forgotten about Air Berlin. But now I recall that a few years ago Air Berlin flew out of Stansted to Palma. It also flew from Stansted to Belfast City, Manchester and Glasgow.

    The idea behind the UK domestic routes was that passengers flying to or from the above three cities would connect on to Air Berlin’s German services over Stansted.

    Even though Air Berlin provides through-checking, all routes failed.


    Norwegian are already selling aggressively in the UK. They are selling LGW to MAN return for £170……outbound via Copenhagen and return via Helsinki!!! Yes the best travel bargain around….and if you get bored, they have free on-board wifi!


    Dont forget soon they will fly 787 to NYC and Bangkok ……


    These two long-haul routes should start to get under way in the summer of next year assuming there are no B787 delivery delays.

    Interesting to note that to save on Scandinavian labour and social costs, all the cabin staff who will be employed on both routes must agree to locate in Thailand.

    The jobs are open to all nationals of all countries but they must agree to make Thailand their base.

    Norwegian is talking about charging NOK6,000 for Oslo-New York return in July. That may be good value for the Scandinavian market but it’s not good value for the sort of prices you would pay in the UK, Holland, Germany etc at that time of year.

    NOK6,000 equates to almost GBP650 which is higher than what a peak season return for London-New York would cost with the likes of BA, VS, DL etc particularly when you consider Norwegian will be charging ancillary fees too.


    I heard yesterday that Norwegian have serious plans to use LGW as a hub for services to the south. Although they are low cost, they do interline bags and the like already.

    It does make sense as I’m not sure a 738 would be able to operate TOS-TFS and the like with full payload?

    The offering from LGW to Scandinavia is already fairly extensive so adding services south and using LGW as a hub makes sense. They seem to have deep pockets so it will be interesting to see what happens. Alongside EZY, I would consider trying them if they were going my way.


    I think it’s all about whether they can persuade LGW punters to cough up a couple of extra quid compared to eg Ryanair. I’ve flown Norwegian a few times from Edi to Scandinavia and I’ve got to say I found it pretty impressive.


    What I hadn’t realised until I checked Norwegian’s schedules out of LGW to the holiday destinations is that the flight frequency is abysmal:

    Next May, for example, the weekly flight frequency is a mere:

    Alicante x 1
    Barcelona x 3
    Dubrovnik x 1
    Faro x 1
    Palma x 1

    How does Norwegian think it can compete on LGW-BCN with only 3 flights a week when the four carriers (next summer) will be offering multiple daily flights ?

    I think the competition can rest easy.


    Seems Norwegian will set the standard.

    Flights are now bookable from Oslo to NYC and BKK. Starting at respectively (GBP equivalent of NOK) £95 and £142 (return) May 2013.

    Stockholm to follow in the summer.

    On brand new 787’s.

    If they can make money from that…


    Hello Road King

    These will be introductory fares. LCCs have a habit ot launching new routes with enticingly low fares which, very soon, are hiked.

    Remember Air Asia X’s £199 rtn launch fares for STN-KUL ? Or the very low offers placed on the market by Easyjet when it began flying to TLV and AMM ?

    Norwegian is no exception.

    Check Norwegian’s flight prices for June and you’ll see they are priced more realistically. Oslo-JFK is priced from around £400 rtn and that’s before adding on the ancillary fees for baggage check, food and drink and so on.

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