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    We got to the airport about 3 hours before departure but there was already a queue. It took about 20 minutes to reach the desk and check in was handled efficiently by a friendly and helpful agent. We went though to the departure lounge and it was similar to most US airports I have been in with the usual (fast) food outlets, duty free shops etc.

    Boarding was called by row numbers which worked well and we made our way to our row towards the back and took our seats. I was in a window and as soon as I sat down felt a little claustrophobic. Economy is 3-3-3 and I found it extremely uncomfortable. The seat pitch is supposedly 31” but seemed less and the width was 17” which is very tight and leaves little room for movement, just as well I was sitting with friends. Once we had taken off the guy in front reclined his seat (why does that always happen to me?) so it felt very cramped indeed. I asked the lady behind if she minded if I reclined my seat and was fine with it, thankfully. Saying that, the seats really don' t recline very far back, a couple of inches at most I would say.

    Once airborne service commenced although it took a long time to get to us. Firstly blankets and pillows were offered for sale to use during the flight, and headphones. Everything had to be paid for and the whole thing had a cheap feel to it, except the prices. The trolley arrived and we could have a glass of wine and a meal which we had pre paid. The food was chicken and rice or beef and rice, I chose the beef and it was disgusting and made me feel sick. It was one of the worst meals I have ever been served in flight.

    I decided to try and sleep so popped a pill and managed to sleep for about 2 hours. We were served what they called breakfast before landing which was a cheese roll and very weak tea or bitter coffee. We landed on time and I was glad to get off.

    All in all a horrible experience. Granted I usually fly Business or First but I am comparing this to IB/BA/AA economy class. The seating was really tight, the food was awful, the crew were pleasant enough but I would not choose Norwegian to fly long haul economy again.

    Review courtesy of Original review by user FirstClassWannabe can be found here


    Reading reviews and having seen the seats in Y on the 787 I think it is indeed a grim experience. I don’t think anyone offers anything better although ANA do have a few with a 2-4-2 configuration which is of course how it was meant to be.

    I was talking to someone last week who had been on the Norwegian service and he described the food as disgusting both ways and he would never order it again.


    As JohnHarper notes, ANA’s B787s were originally delivered with 2-4-2 configurations for international routes.

    But then ANA decided to configure its newer inernational B787s 3-3-3.


    But JAL does still have 2-4-2, exactly as the plane was designed for!


    I chose not to fly Norwegian based on this review. Thank you!


    I have chosen never to fly in econ on any 787 with 9 across or a 777 with 10 across based on numerous reviews. My minimum basic travelling requirement is to be in a reasonably comfortable seat, and I partially judge that dependent on duration I am expecting to sit in it. So on the No9 bus happy to be crammed in like a tinned sardine.


    BA’s 787 is not much different from Norwegian’s it seems. I was looking forward to my first 787 experience but the nine-across is as comfortable as the Mumbai Metro in rush hour. A very tight squeeze. Never was I more grateful for a broken IFE as WT was packed to the rafters and I had to be moved to WT+. What a relief!


    Thank you, sir. I now know that if I’m going to fly Norwegian, it better be in Business Class, which is priced quite attractively to and from here in the U.S.


    I am considering taking Norwegian from Gatwick to Oakland in their business class and would welcome some feedback from anyone who as travelled on this route and the experience – bad or good?

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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