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    Hello all,

    I have an upcoming trip to Norway which is a new one for me and wanted to get a little heads up on a few things from the extensive knowledge pool on BT.

    1. I have an overnight at Oslo Airport. Having checked the website most of the airside restaurants close at 2000 and I don’t arrive until 2050. Is there anywhere you know of landside/nearby that would be open at this time? I do have a hotel room booked so can hopefully get something here but would like a backup.

    2. A more obscure one. Spending 3 nights in Molde, a town in which you can pretty much see everything from your hotel due to it’s size. Again, can anyone recommend dining in the town. The hotel only offers dinner on certain days so will be required to each out a couple of the evenings.




    Hi conshaldow

    I’d advise remortgaging your house before buying any food at Oslo Airport, or indeed anywhere in Norway. It’s one of the few places to which I take my own food.

    Not been to Molde, but my experience of small towns further north in Arctic Norway is, as you say, hit and miss. Go to the local supermarket during the day and buy a picnic to eat in your (nice and warm) hotel room. If you’re invited to dinner at someone’s home, do go, but take some chocolates from the UK as a small gift (they are horrendously expensive in Norway).

    Have a good trip!



    Hi Constant,

    Great advise on OSL Airport. That’s good to know, so hopefully the fact most eateries are shut could save a few pennies.

    As for Molde, I think you have the idea. Supermarket will be getting hit for 6 if it is as small as it looks.




    I recently enjoyed a fabulous overnight stay at the Radisson at Oslo airport. The hotel room was excellent, the wifi free, the breakfast, one of the best I have enjoyed at an airport hotel and all for under £95..

    EDIT – just checked my credit card.. the exact cost was £79.81 – great value..




    If you arrive in OSL you cannot access airside, so closing times don’t matter. Yes, Oslo is an expensive country, but I don’t think the prices in the OSL food outlets are very much higher than you will pay downtown.

    Agree that the Radisson is a great value hotel, as is the Park Inn, but if you want to eat then avoid the Radisson like the plague; the Park is a much better bet.



    Another tip for you conshaldow…..
    I’ve never been to Norway, but my fellow Tartan Army pals have assured me, it’s worthwhile visiting the Duty Free shop and investing in a bottle of Scotland’s finest malt….
    But it depends on how much socialising you intend to do ? : ).



    Prawns and butter are cheap. Wine & beer in supermarkets not too bad….go to a bar and you will be hit for six at the prices. Not been to Molde in years, but when I was there it was a bit like North Wales on a Sunday night back in the eighties……closed.



    @MrMichael, a small correction: you can purchase beer in supermarkets, but sadly neither wine nor spirits. For those, you need to visit the government run Vinmonopolet, which has pretty limited opening hours 🙁

    BTW, Norway is the only country I know in which a “wino” must have sufficient foresight to make all necessary purchases in advance, and not just pop down the “offy” when the urge takes!



    Thank God for 7-Eleven



    My sister in law is from Molde – I’ll ask if there’s likely anything open/places to go.

    I trust you’ve been advised to stock up heartily in the arrivals duty free at Oslo. It’s a massive, busy & efficient operation.



    Just back from Norway (Bergen). I think the myth about the cost needs to be challenged – with the weakened Krone against the pound, I found restaurant and shop (supermarket, clothes) prices very much on par with the UK and, in some cases, cheaper, certainly than London.



    @TominScotland – agree wholeheartedly.

    @conshaldow – sorry, sister in law & my brother came up with zero. More likely due to them both being rubbish, rather than there being no restos there 😉



    Thanks everyone for information, any more please keep it coming.

    ~mkcol – no problem at all. I appear to have made friends with a local and have been invited out to dinner one of the evenings. There is a sports bar around the corner from our hotel which offers burgers/pizza/gastro foodstuffs so hopefully that will fill another night.

    I had a look at the cost of living page online with regards to Molde and it doesn’t look to bad. I’m not sure how reliable these pages are but the costs appear on par with city centre UK costs, which is a little bit more expensive, but as TomInScotland suggest, not as bad as everyone seems to believe.

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