Norwegian, 787, Xmas Day.

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  • MrMichael

    Flight was delayed by a couple of hours. The previous rotation of the aircraft from LGW – Oakland had been diverted on the way out (to Calgary) due to a medical emergency onboard, subsequently it was four hours late in to LGW to do my flight to JFK. We were due out at 17.10 but that was now 19.00.

    LGW was like a ghost town, check in was a breeze, just one couple in front of us at the Premium desk. They also checked in my girls that were down the back of the aircraft and gave them fast track for security. Security cleared with no delays at all, the terminal (south) was very quiet indeed. It was odd watching the apron and runway, in the space of thirty minutes gazing out of the window not one single arrival and only about four departures. There is something to be said for flying on Xmas day. No1 lounge is being worked on so the corridor in to it one rather feels like you should be wearing a hard hat. Was quiet in there too. MrsM treated herself to a glass of Buck’s Fizz….£4… just the one! Even the flight departure boards seemed to be playing up, scrolling through half a dozen flights on page 1, page 2 was blank but still being scrolled through.

    We headed towards the gate at 6 for the anticipated 7pm departure. Most of the shops were shut, it was quite strange knowing how LGW south usually is buzzing with people and shops.

    The aircraft, a 787-9 has in the premium cabin 2-3-2 with 48 inches of legroom. On boarding we turned left through the small 3 row econ cabin (dumping the girls as went through) and then in to Premium. We were in row 4 of 5 with the window and aisle. Premium was pretty quiet with just 17 of 35 seats taken. Just prior to departure an announcement was made for upgrades if anyone wanted one….I didn’t catch the price, but four people moved up from economy just after take off and paid using card with the cabin crew. Only just heard announcements in econ as they were not made in premium and vice versa, so mercifully not an overindulgence of announcements as has recently mentioned on BT forum.

    On arrival at the aircraft the friendly crew helped us to our seats and offered apple or orange juice for pre departure. The captain made a welcome announcement just before seven warning us of turbulence on the climb out. We pushed back bang on 7 and were airborne at 11 minutes past. There was a small chop on departure but nothing to stop the crew starting a drinks service around twenty minutes after departure. Around an hour after departure a hot meal was served. The choice of main was beef steak with roast potato and a Demi glaze, sweet and sour king prawn with jasmine rice or chicken in white wine sauce with dauphinois potato. I chose the latter, MrsM went for the beef. Both were edible but unmemorable. Also got a warm roll and butter, a starter of carrot and what I think was cous cous and a couple of rich mini chocolate desserts for afterwards. All served in a cardboard box.

    Watched a film for a while, put the foot rest up, reclined and nodded off for a bit. Quite a comfy seat, plenty of room to stretch out. Getting in and out is a tad difficult if the seat in front is reclined, these seats recline some way.

    Alcoholic and other drinks were available throughout the flight to premier passengers without charge, the crew made regular runs through the cabin.

    An hour before arrival a snack was served (see photo). As with all food in Norwegian it is served in a box, it was a rather tasty salmon tart with a mixed salad….the pastry would have made Mary Berry happy. It came with a roll and cream cheese and a bar of Devine chocolate.

    We landed at 21.30 local time and were off the aircraft in fifteen minutes. One of those odd towed in to the gate affairs.

    Terminal 1 at JFK was as expected under staffed….we were landslide by 12.30, which considering they shut the whole border for 15 minutes after a couple of women made a run for it shouting and hollering the time it took was almost acceptable. Those with global entry would have been hacked off, it was closed.

    Altogether, a pretty good flight for what we paid, in fact I would say a bargain.


    Nice review, enjoy your trip and a Happy New Year.


    “We landed at 21.30 local time and were off the aircraft in fifteen minutes…..Terminal 1 at JFK was as expected under staffed….we were landslide by 12.30…… was almost acceptable.”

    , can you confirm it took from 9.45pm to 00.30 am to clear immigration and customs (2 hours 45 minutes) – you must be a very patient man…. It makes T5 on a bad day look very good.

    Enjoy New York…


    @martynsinclair, I can confirm it did indeed take that long. Tempers were fraying, including my two girls and MrsM. It ended that all one could do was laugh. I chose to go with the flow, there was sod all I could do about it. I watched Barack Obamas welcome to US speech god knows how many times on the big screen and pondered if Trump would be doing one. I imagined it starting……”welcome to the US, we will process you back out of here just as soon as we can…..

    Enjoying New York immensely thank you,….other than the cc bill from Sacs! Looking forward to NYE Newport RI style.


    My son spent Xmas in RI, it was pleasant weather and I hope it holds for you.


    Glad to hear that you are enjoying NYC. There is always an excellent exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art at this time of the year so worth a visit – and a lot cheaper than hitting Sacs or any of the other 6th Ave emporia.

    Oh, and even though it took some three hours to clear the “Welcome to Fortress America” meet and greet formalities, I assume that you didn’t get hit by a landslide once landside. The perils of predictive text…

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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