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    In another topic, superchris made the following very pertinent point today:

    “Of course it is further irony that if you look at the quality of Premium Economy seating (often 38 – 42 inch pitch), being virtually what business class used to be (I first started flying long haul on lufthansa’s business class which was a 40 inch pitch back in the mid 90’s), coupled with many airlines ditching First class, we are pretty much where we were 10 years ago, but the class names have changed. i.e. a typical business seat being what first used to be, Y+ being what C used to be etc.

    Hard to criticise airlines of course when you see their minimal profit margins, but actually all we have done is change the class names to change the ‘optics’ of seniors sitting in business class when their firms are struggling. You can largely ignore First class in this as this is really just to take on the exec jets.”

    I feel he is absolutely correct and wonder how many others agree. So, I thought the best way would be to start a new topic and see …


    A case of Class Inflation methinks.

    Given economy is going down market – tighter fit and pay-as-you-go and first class is going “beyond first class” with suites and residences..

    .. a fourth class, Economy plus, is a natural inclusion. However there is no rating system so an airline can call it whatever they want – sometimes just by moving the curtain separator on short haul!.

    Even within some airlines itself the nomenclature “class” bears is no guarantee as to the offering – huge variation between LH and SH, huge variation between Old and New. Some take an absolute age to roll-out – BA is truly the Forest Gump of airlines in this regard.


    Good point Ahmad, many carriers Business class is so like the First of yesteryear, yet some have gone on too make it a truly outstanding experience such as the Gulfies.

    In Europe however Business is a joke. I’ll never forget in the very early 90’s when Swissair announced the withdrawal of F in Europe. I wrote a letter to the Chairman who called me personally to explain the situation. He said F would now be called business, and as they fitted new seats their business class would be the best in Europe. My response was that it will spell the death knell for any type of comfortable travel and how right I was.

    Business class is now just like Economy with a better sandwich. The seat is the same, with just the middle kept free. If you sit in a row of 2 seats it makes no difference. Also, if the plane is overbooked, they put Economy passengers in the middle seat, as while you get your paper, towelette and meal tray, they get nothing except the cellophane wrapped sandwich.

    I no longer bother with Business in Europe, and if I can go by train that is my preferred option.


    Always amazes me to see people flying business on European short haul. For example I often use the Antwerp – London City service which on a good day is 40 minutes and yet on most flights there is at least one fool enjoying his white napkin and hurried glass of sparkling wine !

    The one sector however that does annoy me is the Brussels to Heathrow service offered by Brussels Airlines and BA. On a Friday afternoon (never the evening you will note) this flight has an extended Business section because of the European Union employees who ALL find it distasteful to sit with those of us who pay their wages.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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