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    Over the weekend I checked my BAEC account and was puzzled to discover I had been awarded Avios and TPs for a flight I didn’t make. Not that the extra TPs will make one iota of a difference as I will definitely be Silver by the end of the year.

    I can’t imagine the same thing happening with LH or AF/KL.


    Assume u did pay for the flight… So even if u did not take it, probably fair that you get the points etc


    I think you were lucky – not how it normally works. Last year i had a £3K London / Tokyo CW ticket which I didn’t use and got zero points despite it being non refundable and BA knew I was not traveling so in addition to keeping my money they also had the chance to resell the seat. The points would not have made a difference to my Gold GL status but I feel like the right thing to do would be to award the points.

    Slightly off topic – I recently had a first class ticket on Virgin America – again non refundable which I didn’t use. VA would not refund (obviously) but have credited the amount to my elevate account to use on a future VA flight – perfect!!!


    I’ve been awarded twice skipping a final leg LHR-ARN. I was however, checked in on both flights but a no show.


    I’ve had BAEC points credited to my account for a hotel stay which I didn’t book/make, I assumed that someone else had misquoted their own BAEC membership number and quoted mine instead, hence the points went to my account, I did query it at the time but was told that I should forget it as without the real guest’s details nothing could be done.

    Some years ago BA cancelled my return flight to Uk from Athens, their airport desk booked me on another carrier (Skyteam Alliance) and I earned miles for both flights, the cancelled one and the one I actually flew.

    Some info. wrt flight in question:

    I tried to cancel it online – not possible. I called my local BAEC number and was told to phone the country where the flight originated (North Africa). So, I decided to reserve the best seat knowing full well that my backside would not be on it.


    alexpo1 – “I can’t imagine the same thing happening with LH or AF/KL” – no, they are unlikely to credit you for a no show on a BA flight, I grant you that but I am also intrigued as to why you think LH/AF/KL are infallible? I suspect that even they make the odd error along the way……..

    Fair point Tom.

    On a recent LH Miles & More booking from FRA to Addis there was a total !@#$/ up with my booking. Customer service in this part of the world is severely lacking IMO.

    I can’t resist: as I partly have Scottish blood, today will be one of the highlights of the year 😉

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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