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  • TominScotland

    Not sure you are right about Geneva, SangFung. BA have a dedicated Galleries Lounge there which is OK, no more.


    New No 1 Lounge at LGW S must be a bit hit and miss.

    I was able to take the 4 of us in on a Friday afternoon in early / mid August. Didn’t pre book and was not confident we’d gain access due to ‘space constraints’. No issues using PP and very friendly lady at reception. Stark contrast to the old lounge where the staff always seem harried / borderline rude.

    BTW, new lounge a great improvement on the old one. Much larger space, lots of natural light / plenty of windows, good apron views and F&B options all in line with expectations.


    I was a loyal PP holder for a few years then dropped it but took it back last year. This time I took the unlimited option.

    I agree that some of the PP lounges are awful. Early 2016 transit through Munich on Lufthansa being a good example. But the return via Zurich meant I could use the Swiss lounge there.

    Now I’m back to Star Gold so my PP is less useful. BUT…..

    I have recently flown through Singapore on SQ a lot in Economy. As Star Gold I get access to the KrisFlyer Gold lounge which is, in short, appalling and embarrassing for the airline. Especially the lack of showers and very average F&B.

    But with my PP I used several other lounges at Changi Airport T3 which had decent showers and food. It made all the difference for those flights.

    That said, I could have purchased entry separately to those lounges but it was great to be able to use the PP. Plus the Sofitel at LHR T5 as an arrivals lounge.

    I probably won’t renew now that I’m Star Gold again but it wasn’t all bad.


    I recently bought Senior Offspring a 12-entry package on PP. She is studying in Manchester so flying Finnair makes sense for us and her, and having PP allows her to use a lounge once each way and works out considerably cheaper than paying for access to the AY lounge.

    As with all these things, PP (and their competitors) offer products that suit some very well, aren’t particularly great or awful for others and represent poor value for the rest.

    I very rarely need to use paid lounges because my travel pattern generally means I have lounge access by status or class of travel, but I appreciate having the back-up – partly for gaps in coverage (e.g. no MH arrival lounge at LHR) and partly because in a few instances the PP lounge is much nicer than the airline-contracted lounge. A couple of people above were talking about GVA – IIRC, on our last trip through there we were all in the absolutely crammed BA lounge, queueing to get a seat and frankly barely an improvement on sitting in the departure hall. As soon as the rest of the family left (they were on a different flight) I moved across the hall to the delightfully quiet and spacious PP offering – which was the Swiss business class lounge!


    I recently bought Senior Offspring a 12-entry package on PP. She is studying in Manchester so flying Finnair makes sense for us and her, and having PP allows her to use a lounge once each way and works out considerably cheaper than paying for access to the AY lounge.

    Ian, I hate to rain on your parade, but MAN is the only airport where I regularly get denied entrance to the PP lounges due to overcrowding.

    Unfortunately, access is ‘space available’ and it often isn’t.

    I’m not aware of any legal redress, you may be.


    Hi FDOS_UK. I have also been turned away twice last year at MAN. First time seemed genuinely full but second time was because they had not cleared the tables from departing guests. Not surprising as I could see 2 staff in the kitchen typing on their smart phones and the woman on the desk was on the land line to a friend. I had to wait 3 minutes until she could tear herself temporarily away from her call, to refuse me access.

    BHX is as bad as they “reserve” multiple tables for premium travellers on KLM / AF / LH who might turn up.

    At both of those lounges, if you have an Aspire lounge access card they are not able to turn you away.


    I think that the main problem is that there are now far more passengers wishing to use the non airline lounges-pay to use is a relatively new concept for most of them. This is especially at “leisure” airports where people see the use of a business lounge as a great start to their holiday. And the number and capacity of lounges generally hasn’t increased despite this.

    I get PP via my black Amex card and haven’t had a problem with it so far- although I tend only to need it in far flung destinations. I’d be disappointed if Amex dropped it.


    I think you get to know the routine of lounges, bad times of day, busy times, etc.

    I pay the £5 fee for No1 Lounges, sometimes they are great, other times it’s full of hen parties, others times the lounges are full of leisure tourist having their G&T’s at 7 am in the morning. Sometimes I prefer other lounges, occasionally I get in the BA lounge or other airline own lounge, sometimes a good experience, sometimes bad. I think you eventually work out what works better with the lounges.



    This morning at Gatwick, family attempted to access the Priority Lounge in the BA terminal. “Sorry lounge is overcrowded, unless you have booked, very sorry, no entrance….. however, you can pay £12 to gain access to our Premier Lounge

    Advantage being you get upgraded food, a couple of glasses of champagne and an overall better service.

    I know Priority Pass are trying to increase revenue but I think this strategy of claiming their standard lounge is full yet able to accommodate in different lounge (for £12) only works if the Premier lounge actually offers a better service level. The report that came back to me was that by the time the food hadn’t still come (over 30 minutes) the party gave up as clearly the kitchen could not cope.. with the few passengers that had in the lounge…


    Hi Martyn – I’ve had similar experiences, when traveling with the family at LGW S.

    The only lounge is the No 1 one. While in N terminal there is No 1, Aspire & My Lounge that PP card holders can use.

    Both times this year we’ve been told to go away and come back at x as they are currently full. (No offer of any Premier Lounge). We’ve headed back at the designated time and just about been able to get in. Though there has always been a gaggle of other people queuing to get in as well. When in the lounge it definitely has not been full. This may be that they have to keep x amount of space for frequent fliers / J pax of airlines they have contractual agreements with.

    I don’t think it is PP trying to increase revenue. It is No 1 lounge.
    I’d like to see PP card holders be able to gain access, but it appears their current agreement with No 1 is on a space available basis. Trouble being No 1 are more and more claiming they ‘are full’ and thus numerous PP card holders are struggling to gain entry.

    I’ve noticed that PP now have an agreement with a restaurant at LGW S, giving pax £15 per person off their meal / transaction.


    I get PP as part of Nat West Black Account benefits.
    I have used the Aspire lounge at Manchester T1 and T3 about 15 times over last few years, it is always fine.
    Once the T3 lounge was full, they asked me to return in 20 minutes, which seemed reasonable.
    Used the card in Durban and Johannesburg last few years, entry no problem.
    Like anything, there is a limit to capacity, so although there are no guarantees – I think it’s a good product.
    When you go to the bank, you may be a highly regarded paying customer, but sometimes you just have to queue.


    To be fair in the 18 years I’ve used PP, the only lounge I’ve had issues entering (numerous times in the last 2 years) is No 1 in LGW S.

    Once when the lounge in VLC was halved in size for refurbishment they stopped allowing PP, outside of this, never an issue gaining entry anywhere. Although as mentioned in a post a while back, they have chopped and changed airline partners in the US a fair bit.


    Overall, I have found Priority Pass to be good value, but it seems to depend on the airport and number of competing lounges. It is a mixed bag.

    I tend to judge on the food available, space and access to shower in transit long haul.

    I have never been denied entry at Heathrow or Gatwick, although some of the Heathrow Lounges are pretty ordinary.

    It seems to come down whether there is a choice.
    Cairo Airport – First Class Lounge seems to be the only one servicing several airlines and Priority Pass – Pretty Average
    Changi Airport – A large number of non-airlines lounges which keeps the standard fairly high. At least if it is no good, I can go to another which I have on several occasions.

    Best lounge visited through Priority Pass
    Oman Air Lounge – Suvarnabhumi Airport

    End of the day, it does not take too much to rack up $30USD in food and beverages at an airport, especially with a family in tow. Like most things, it depends on what it is worth to the individual.

Viewing 13 posts - 31 through 43 (of 43 total)
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