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  • SimonS1

    When I cancelled they asked me to email them with the reasons. I then got an email today – in fact I got 2 as they asked to recall the first one.

    None of it makes any sense, I am the member (?) and they were the ones asking for the email. Sounds like another outsourced back office.

    “I profusely apologize for the inconvenience caused by the delayed response, thank you for clarifying and I realize that this must be both a frustrating and disappointing for you and the member. Priority Pass are very sorry to learn that you were unable to access the airport lounges on many occasions and whilst participating lounges will do their utmost to welcome Priority Pass members. I do believe that an email wouldn’t best suit the communication that is required to occur between yourself and Priority Pass and therefore I have escalated your inquiry for a call back within 24-48 hours on…”


    I think there are separate considerations about the PP card.

    It makes perfect sense when it comes part of a bigger programme, i.e. Amex plat card.

    However, does anyone actually pay for a PP. I looked at the cost a year or so ago as a gift for someone. Very expensive for what was provided.



    I pay for a Dragonpass, which stands me about £20 per month.

    Even with my reduced workload, these days, I still find it pays for itself and the savings from choosing the best flight deals covers the cost several times over.


    For those who got their PP via Amex Plat Card, I believe what we can do is to pay for the entry using the Amex Plat if our PP was refused. Then claim it back from Amex. Amex is far more efficient than PP in terms of customer service.


    I know I am very lucky since I get PP through a credit card for which I pay no fees (smirk). I very rarely have to use it, tbh, but on the rare occasions I do I find it very much better than the alternatives, being either (a) a crap airline lounge or (b) no lounge at all. My particular favourite is the arrival lounge at LHR T2 – modestly sized and with a somewhat limited range of food (perfectly satisfactory, though), decent showers, and some of the most helpful staff I have found in any lounge anywhere. I tend to use it when flying into London on MH who have no arrival lounge of their own – a short train trip from T4 to T2, shower, breakfast, and all is well.

    And although I don’t indulge, I might just add that it is the only arrival lounge I know of anywhere that serves alcohol 😉

    If I were a local resident, I could see myself having a regular seat at the bar!! LOL


    Gaining access at LGW lounges with PP and not paying the £5 pre-reserve charge seems to be an ongoing issue.

    Outside of LGW I’ve never had an issue, and while I wouldn’t rate their lounges as top notch, often they are fine and in many cases the only lounge available at an airport. (VLC / ALC / STN spring to mind).

    Having just used the one at STN, thank goodness for it, as the rest of the airport is generally unpleasant. (Apologies if this offends anyone).


    The No.1 Lounge at BHX will want PP holders to pre-book their visit during peak times. Annoyingly I did this for my last visit and wasn’t asked for my reservation!


    Interestingly my bank which gave me free Priority Pass membership has dropped them and gone over to Dragonpass. To be fair I never had a problem with PP and have yet to use the DP membership, though I believe in many locations they use the same lounges?



    Yes, Dragonpass seems to have take over the market space previously occupied by (the now defunct) Airport Angel.

    Still no guarantee of entry, though, I couldn’t get in at MAN, yesterday lunch (although the airport was rammed.)


    I’d never heard of DragonPass (or Airport Angel for that) FDOS till i got the mail from my bank. I still have some validity on my PP card so am using that till it expires, next month I think, as they did send me some bumpf asking if I wanted to continue with them – for a fee of course!


    LuganoPirate. And thereby lies the real problem, what started as PP is now available to a multitude of different providers or people who pay for a one time “experience”.
    I have also never understood the various levels of PP and if there is a hierarchy structure depending on the card you have [mine is Black and part of my AMEX Plat program].
    Like others, I have never heard of DragonPass or even Airport Angel!!


    Priority Pass is a waste of time.
    Save money and go one of the seafood bars for some oysters and a nice glass of white… far more pleasant.


    I disagree. Often PP uses the same lounge as the major airlines. EG Geneva uses the same lounge as BA. Nice likewise. I can get a glass of champagne in Nice using PP. The Geneva lounge is so stylish and chic. It even has a roof top terrace with a view of the city. I have never had a problem getting access to any PP lounge. I do appreciate that with BA’s renovation at Gatwick there may be a capacity issue but PP must sort that out with BA.

    Tom Otley

    People were being refused entry to the No 1 Traveller the day I was there – unless they had pre-booked.

    Lounge review: No1 Lounge, Gatwick South Terminal


    In many destinations there are lounges one can pay for and $15-$20 is easier than PP lounges. If time I use them & always make sure to get value for money! For some reason they are often less busy than main lounges though maybe because not such good views! Food & drinks are usually good if not quality seafood!

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 43 total)
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