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    It seems LH is about to suppress the First class on many flights. This is at least what Süddeutsche Zeitung is suggesting. And LX could be also affected by a new cost reduction plan… Is it the beginning of an end?


    A major overhaul of the business. The main points are:-

    1. First will be abolished on most long haul flights.
    2. All short haul flights not at the main hubs to be taken over by LCC.
    3. Premium economy to be introduced.


    Having just got back last night from a return AUH-FRA-AUH in First with LH all I can say is that we’re not going to miss out on anything special.

    This has to be the poorest First offering I have come across recently and certainly not worth the money. On this showing they are doing us a favour..


    Looks like its getting bad at LH, they must be in more trouble than they are letting on.

    I can see them off load SN and other Airlines like with BMI.


    F has been sacrificed in favour of much improved C class on many airlines. The difference in service proportional to the extra price was not worthwhile for the majority of travellers and the carriers were finding themselves with very low loads of high yield pax in the ‘F’ cabins -mostly mileage redemptions, upgrades, deep discounts, or freebies of one sort or another.


    This is very interesting. On many threads we hear posters griping about what First Class is and how LH and others have less seats in First Class than BA or US carriers. So now we have LH looking to remove First, QF in difficulties, Japanese carriers moving some services to First Class less 787 and oither Asian Carriers are having revnue and margin issues.

    All of this surely reinforces the point that the plight of First Class is the customer base. The equation is distorted by Upgrades, free tickets and Corporate discounts and freebies. As has been stated by others, First is becoming a marketing tool to corporate customers to flatter their senior executives rather than a luxury experience for individual travellers. Maybe Martyn or some others with knowledge of Genral Aviation can give some background on growth of Private Jet usag and whether this is being driven by corporate or private wealth?


    I don’t think LH are phasing out F everywhere, just on those routes where demand is low.

    From my own perspective I used to fly F with LH on the SIN, CPT and JNB routes, but as FRA became more and more a nightmare to transit I gave up and now only (mostly) fly Swiss.


    This is both disappointing and surprising to me. Disappointing because for me as a Miles & More (Senator) member the possibility to fly in F on award tickets, upgrades or occasionally on a paid ticket is one of the main advantages of Lufthansa. Although I realise that the introduction of a good, flat-bed business class will reduce the relevance of first class, still the exclusivity and luxury of F with the top class ground service is a major draw.

    The news is also surprising because over the past few years we have seen LH invest in the First Class Terminal at FRA and similar F lounges as well as the new F seats for the A380 and thereafter other aircraft types. It remains to be seen, I guess, to what extent F will be removed. Maybe it will remain on a significant number of routes. Also, given the recent investment and seat installation process, I assume at in any event the F reduction is a rather long-term plan rather than something that will be quickly implemented.


    Given how heavily LH have and continue to invest in F this seems like a very strange decision. Their decision to cut the number of seats in F was sensible as they were rarely full. They have withdrawn F before and then put it back due to demand. It may be that on some of the developing routes four seats are enough and that may be too few to make commercial sense but you have to start somewhere.

    LX have only just reinstated F on all their longhaul routes too so even more strange.

    LH are certainly feeling the gulf carriers though and in part that is because Y is being mopped up to all places east by superior products. LH still do not have IFE on the majority of their 744s and they have failed to invest much in Y for a long time, I think believing the seats will be filled which perhaps they are not being or at least at reasonable prices.

    Readers may be interested in this piece by our consumer editor Alex McWhirter on the subject:


    Interesting report BT, rather less sensational than the media were portraying things over the weekend.

    It seemed incredible that as they are expanding their operation for the opening of BER in just a few weeks that they were not going to operate services from there. CGN, HAJ and STR make perfect sense for takeover by Germanwings and it may result in considerable improvements in services to London. HAJ could not have been worse and still been operational.


    I guess this has been coming for a while, I think of the European carriers with F, only LH and LX offer it on all their routes. AF and BA dropped F on some routes a long time ago.

    While it’s a shame obviously it has to happen if the demand isn’t there.


    ” Germanwings now operating into London Heathrow” is this the 1st low cost airline at LHR?


    Wasn’t Vueling first? Plus, BMI is a failed loco carrier.

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