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  • Charles-P

    The only issue we may face with moderators drawn from the contributor community is the old chestnut of “power corrupts”. I have seen this with the only other forum I read which concerns discussions on business – there what was once moderated by the Economist is now self regulated and has become a site that is a slave to the opinions of two people who ‘moderate’ the board to suit their own agendas.

    That being said I for one am too busy to take an active role and if others want to step forward and do the work they have my thanks.


    Charles has put into words what I was thinking. Imagine the site was moderated by some of the old BT protagonists who’d likely ban us or delete threads that did not fit their agenda?

    I understand it’s some work for BT but it is their publication and their forum from which I’m sure they derive some benefit and as I said before I think we contributors do a good job in our own way to keep it civil and interesting. So personally I’m against moderators.


    Tom indicates the proposal for a mod is driven by the need to relieve the overall admin workload whilst providing 24/7 coverage.

    IMO I guess currently most of the admin team moderation time is spent reading each and every posting and that 99/100 there is nothing untoward and no intervention needed.

    Let us try the red flag which can also provide a choice dialogue box indicating specific type of transgression – Spam, Libel, Abusive. This will direct the admin team direct to the problem, no time wasted with general perusal. I doubt very much if there are occasions where admin moderates a situation which no posters have flagged.

    My vote would go to giving the flag a try, (along with suspensions preceding a total bar) as it addresses the underlying problem.

    If it fails to work then resort to selected moderators, however, imo they should only act on a flag with specific transgressions and not personal agenda.

    Tom Otley

    Good idea – I’ll check about the red flag functionality.

    Edit – Just checked.

    There’s a “Report” button for inappropriate content.

    Also a Merge (for admins) meaning we can merge identical threads.

    And a button for “Notify me of follow-up replies via email” per thread – so you might have two or three of these for different forum threads


    @Siteadministrator – who is the provider of the new software?


    I think a report button would help the workload of whoever is moderating , I see that on tripadvisor for example they have a REPORT button on each post , if you click it it provides a drop down menu and you highlight the reason and report it to the help centre , obviously then mods would only really need to check the ” offending ” post and delete it from the thread and the thread conversation could then continue .
    The reasons to report are things like ,
    Unfriendly / illegal
    Spam or solicitation
    Not relevant to thread
    Unnecessary duplication
    Personal harassment / unprovoked attack
    I think this would work in that it provides some level of self moderation , which should be more than achievable for a grown up business forum ??
    The number of reports from different users could be set to trigger an investigation from a moderator ?? Eg 3 or 4 post a report
    Perhaps we could all decide reasons why posts should be reported , perhaps having an Anti BA reason in the drop down menu would keep the BA supporters club ( didn’t know there was one ???? ) happy ??


    I like the red flag idea, but I’ve been on other forums where posters red flag someone may because they don’t agree with what’s being said.

    Hi SimonS1 – the new website will use bbPress for the forum.


    Sounds good…


    LuganoPirate – 15/03/2016 12:47 GMT

    The flag/report merely provides a direct route then an option for the mod to act, not an obligation. Methinks if someone uses it too often unnecessarily then they will get ignored.


    I’m a mod on one of reddit’s many subs.

    The problems I face are (apart from the sort of spats you get anywhere) are when the ignorant downvote other people’s comments simply because they’re ignorant and don’t agree with them.

    We’re not talking differences of opinion here, but simple facts and truths.

    The Reddit upvote/downvote system does, unfortunately, mean that a lot of posts drift to the bottom of the barrel and never get seen. I’d prefer that such a system not be employed here.


    It would be practical to remove the option to change posts some 6 weeks after posting and to prevent opening postings to be changed, which then appears to invalidate the thread as the follow on posts do not follow the initial opening post.


    @henryp1 +1
    Yes, we’d noticed that, but we shan’t call the person up on that.


    Martin’s USP’s are correct & of course it must continue to fit on the page without magnification or reduction. Does it need a moderator,don’t writers moderate each other & the administrator does some moderation? Its much better than fb,because it deals in facts & has eperienced opinions! Maybe a maximum 50,or whatever,posts before being closed except for particular subjects like London’s new runway,that ofcourse will go on forever!


    Almost the beginning of May Tom. Any updates on the new forum?

Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 338 total)
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