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  • stevescoots

    this is an International Business travel forum so imho a +/- BA section is pointless, maybe i am missing something tongue in cheek here…..

    I think the current set up topic format works just fine but needs the upgrade of items such as like/dislike buttons, maybe Avatars and active moderators, improved search functions etc that new software brings.


    stevescoots – 14/03/2016 08:44 GMT

    Not tongue in cheek, I was not proposing a +- BA forum, but rather something like a ‘BA Supporters’ forum, where people could have conversations about what they liked, precisely without it turning into a pro/anti dialogue.

    I’d proposed it only for BA, as the main UK carrier has much more footfall here, than anywhere else and it wouldn’t stop other debates in the main forum.

    Anywhere, as no one else seems to like the idea, it can just fade away ๐Ÿ™‚

    Tom Otley

    We can do photos – I had a bad experience on a previous forum where every morning I’d wake up and have to delete all the photos that spammers had put up during the night – you can imagine what they were. Entertaining for the first five minutes, but boring for the next hour and every hour afterwards.

    I think there’s a setting where someone has to post a certain number of times before they can post an image, but even that isn’t enough to stop spammers so we have to put further measures in place (have to have been a member of the forum for a certain amount of time, have to have posted a certain number of times, first few posts have to be approved by an administrator)…

    and this partially answers why we need moderators!

    We can do all of that, but reading every post on every thread….. its a challenge, especially when the computer programmes now generate posts based on previous content on the forum so it’s very difficult to decide if it’s just a badly-written post by someone whose first language isn’t English, or the first 9 posts before they start to seriously spam the forum.

    Thread search will be much better. I know it’s difficult on this one. For older threads I go to Google and then come back into the site !


    Having added a comment to a post I’d like the ability to be able to unsubscribe to further updates/comments should I so choose. is a prime example where something is being hashed to death (irrespective of the validity) & I just don’t want to hear about it anymore.


    Pretty much in agreement with everything. Interesting to note the nice consensus here…

    Moderation: the aim of moderation is not to moderate!
    I recognise of course the need for moderators, but they should restrict themselves to extreme cases.

    A report button would be nice though, especially for the spams. So if say 5 regular users are reporting a spam, it goes off for review.


    @mkcol74 – you already can opt out of the notifications – it’s in account settings.


    @SimonS1 Do you mean the bit with the tick box & “Notify me when a user replies to my posts on the forum.”?

    That bit I’m aware of, but I want to be able to unsubscribe on a thread by thread basis, not an all or nothing – hopefully that makes more sense ๐Ÿ™‚


    Morning Tom
    A suggestion for the new forum.
    Is it possible to send out invitations via BT created user names to the social media teams of the companies that are most popularly discussed on the forum?
    By BT creating the user name we know itโ€™s an authentic response, and would encourage companies to interact with us, apparently their most valued customers.

    This would allow us to get a definitive answer straight from the horseโ€™s mouth, by encouraging the likes of BA to defend themselves rather than leave things to continued conjecture. SCH โ€˜s and emergency exit row seats being a classic case

    Tom Otley


    On the new forum you can subscribe for notifications thread by thread rather than the current “blanket” notification.

    I think the forum is monitored by many airlines (and some hotels) but interacting with forums is something few of them have the media team resources to handle.



    Yesterday I wrote

    “The issue of moderation is something some concern has been expressed. I think it absolutely right that a moderator allows good lively debate, does not have own axe to grind (except in their own posts) and allows things to develop. A couple of posts I have been involved in of late, HEX and BA’s IT exit seat booking issues are a case in point. Views differ greatly but on the whole have been gracious in allowing people to air a view safely and without personal insult. I would like to think on both moderation would not be necessary”.

    Seems things have taken a turn for the worse!


    I’m not sure about moderation either. These days this forum rolls along nicely for the most part and disagreements happen. Some people have stronger views about things but in the main a lot of useful information is exchanged and when someone is digging around for something important help surfaces from all over the place.

    I not either in favour of like or dislike buttons – you can almost predict what will happen with them and who will use them for what. Instead if people have a view to express let them write about it as now.



    Having had to plead to have a discussion taken down after I had posted a genuine questions that had been highjacked and turned into a racist row I would like to volunteer for training towards site moderator role as I feel this is an important step forward ensuring the quality of discussions and debates.

    Tom Otley

    On the new site (like this one) we can have polls.

    Perhaps we should have a poll to decide if we have moderators or not?


    A Poll, what a disgraceful idea……SiteAdministrator, your banned for a week ๐Ÿ™‚


    Just thinking about thumbs up/down. I suppose we sort of do that now with “+1”.

    Will you need to be logged in to add a thumbs up/down?

    As regards moderators, perhaps there should be a rule you can’t moderate your own posts?

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 338 total)
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