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    Good morning Forum Manager!

    I note that the Forum pages have now started showing as multiple pages not one long page. After a certain number of posts one moves onto “page 2” and so on.

    Is there any reason for this? I find it much less convenient – it adds nothing, increases the number of “clicks” (important if you are viewing the pages via a poor connection in a remote place), and removes the ability to scroll down.

    What do other Forum readers think? Any support for a return to the previous all-on-one-page formatting?



    Cedric, it is 20 posts per page from what I have seen.

    I think it was done because some people viewing the site from mobile devices had trouble with a lot of posts, or something similar.

    I haven’t really got a problem with it, but when you are on page 2 or 3, for example, and you reply to a post, then the page updates and goes back to page 1 and not the page you were on. Same for editing posts.



    Thank you Bucksnet. I had not thought of the problems for Mobile users – but even there, I would have thought there was advantage in being able to download a whole thread and then simply scroll up and down it.

    It is not the largest issue in my life either, but just a mild irritant and (for me) reduction in quality of the Forum experience.

    If the consensus at BT is to keep this format – after all i presume it was introduced for a reason and after careful thought – then perhaps, Forum Manager, there might be a button which says “View as one page”?



    It works fine for me, but I think it is essential the functionality to “quote a post” is added, for two reasons:

    1. It ensures the “thread” of a post is not lost between page turns

    2. It ensures that it is the content being discussed, not the poster (by avoiding directing comment at a poster rather than her/his comments)



    I agree with Cedric if you’re just joining a thread and have to scroll multiple pages, whereas before you could just scroll down and scan the various posts.

    However if already contributing to a thread it’s handy to just skip to the last thread and carry on from there. Unless of course it’s just on a page break, in which case you have to go back a page to make sure you’ve read all the posts.

    All in all I like the new format though a (saveable) “view all” function could be handy.

    Delighted I don’t lose all my sign in details anymore on the iPad.



    PS. How do some people add “bold” text to their posts?




    bold text string Precede the text with these three characters

    left arrow head parentheses; lowercase b; right arrow head parentheses

    To conclude bold (4 characters) left arrow head; / ; lower case b; right arrow head

    italic To italicise, replace each b with an i

    VK – Please have the courtesy to review your posts for spelling and grammar, get your act together before whinging about others.



    Sorry – new keyboard!

    A facility to block being able to view the posts of a particular user might also be handy.



    Thanks CallMeIshmael. It’s a bit fiddly on an iPad but here goes. Best wishes, LP.



    And my thanks too, CallMeIshmael. A neat trick. One learns the most obscure useful things via this forum, and I predict a rash of heavily formatted posts in the coming days ….




    I do hope we don’t get the ability to block various posters. The spirit of tolerance for others is in short enough supply anyway in this world, and it really should be possible to ignore a post or a poster one does not like and move on.

    And anyway, who is to say that you (or me) won’t be the one people want to block …



    Oops, before the great grammatician-in-chief comments, that should of course be “you or I”, not “you or me”.



    I would have no objection whatsoever to being blocked by some posters here!


    Tom Otley


    Thank you for the messages.

    It was added at the request of regulars on the forum who use mobile devices. I’m sorry it doesn’t suit everyone, and I’ve noted the suggestions for further functionality on this thread, all of which make sense, and which, when finances permit, will be added to the “must-do” list.

    I haven’t said it for a while, so will do so now. We really do appreciate the effort people put into this forum, and are very grateful for your contributions, as are the countless numbers who read but don’t comment, but who benefit from the advice and conversations. Thank you again.

    Tom Otley (Editor, UK)

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