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    Hi – flying to Toronto from LHR in a few weeks on a 777 in first. Does anyone know if this will be the new first or old on this route?


    Hi neilsoaj – you may find this forum string helpful for this query:



    Hi neilsoaj,

    check here

    and here

    You can call YouFirst 2-3 days prior to departure and ask them, one other hint is to check (usually appears 5 days prior departure) where the bassinet (COT) seats are , if those are on row 5 then it is NF , if in row 1 is OF.

    As BusinessTraveller said, follow that link. Has plenty of information.




    From experience, not only will it not be new First, it may even be the old 777s with tiny TV screens and non AVOD IFE.



    BA does not give any guarantee of getting new F; and not having God-like powers, it does take a considerable length of time to re-fit those of BA’s 100-strong 747/777 fleet which will be getting the new cabin.

    About 50% of the 747 fleet have new F, and the proportion of new F in the 777 fleet is higher.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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