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    Dear Members,

    I am trying to find a reasonable fare from SFO > either RIO or Sau Paulo in Business Class ( Return Fare )

    The cheapest I have got is a ridiculous US$ 3000 ++

    Is this normal for June or July, 2014 period ? I find this very expensive..

    Which is the cheapest route from N.America to either Rio or Sau Paulo ? I don’t mind flying to any city in N.America to get a cheap fare to Brazil..

    Please share your thoughts/suggestions.




    Hi Moadweeb, these are still long haul flights, so am not that surprised, however the dates you selected do coincide with the FIFA world cup football/soccor finals. . .so fares there are in demand/hiked up accordingly.



    A wee hunch, but have you thought about transitting through a Central Americam hub?

    To increase you’re chances choose a country that hasn’t qualified for the World Cup



    Try COPA, but they use 737s, not the biggest of aircraft, but they have a very efficient hub which is superb for reaching much of the Americas. Aeromexico is another option and they have flghts to both GRU and GIG.



    I live in Sao Paulo and let me assure you that $3000 is a great price. Specially considering that you want to travel in world cup period. From SFO it´s quite a long flight – you need to come via LAX (Korean or American) or fly to East coast an then take a 8/9 hour flight direct. Last november I went to SFO via LAX in Korean business class – great service with flat bed. Korean is the best airline flying from Brazil to USA. After that I would recommend Delta or United (both have flat bed). AA has the new business class (also very good) but only on JFK route.



    Sparkflyer : Much appreciated..To be honest I did not realize the FIFA event was in June-July..I now understand why all B.A. flight from LHR are already sold out for that period..COPA flies which route ?

    PhileasFogg : Is LAX-SAO or RIO a direct flight on Korean ? What fares can I expect after the FIFA event is over ? So I assume that AA has the best product in business class compared to all others flying from N.America ?


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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