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  • Kopite

    Loud music is becoming a huge irritant for me in travel and “Asia” where 90% of my travel takes place it is worse than anywhere else. Hotel lobbies, restaurants, cafes and bars all compete to be Hard Rock Cafe in decibels and often the music is both too loud and inappropriate content to the surroundings.

    I am constantly asking venues to turn down the Muzak to “background music” levels although a lot of the time I’d just like it turning off.

    I am a big fan of the Pipe Down movement although this is sadly mostly restricted to within Britain.

    In many venues if look around people are either working on lap tops, chatting with friends or having informal business meetings which require conversations at normal talking volume. None of this is enhanced by loud Muzak.

    I think many people would like it turned down or off but few seem willing to complain and just accept it as part of life.

    Some places do get the volume right, usually when you are paying top dollar in a high end hotel, but last week in a 5* hotel in Saigon I was in the “Executive (sic) Lounge” and every night I had to ask for the music to be turned down. There’s quite a fine balance between soft background music that moves a venue from sterile to warm, and Muzak that’s just a bit above that level and becomes an irritant when trying to talk.

    Anyone else feel the same ?

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    @Kopite – this is one reason why I don’t use the W chain. The loud music when trying to read the FT over cornflakes…. (or a bowl of fruit)…

    Only the other week, I organized a dinner event in London for 4 of us, where talking was needed and had requested a quiet table. Clearly when I arrived at the venue it would have been impossible to hear each other without shouting, due to very loud background music. I spoke to the Manager who without a thought, accepted the issue, moved us to the bar area (which was quieter) and within 10 minutes had arranged a car to take us to an alternative venue, which was perfect. and…. even though the bar drinks were made complimentary, sufficient money was left to cover and included a tip. The manager could not have done more.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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